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Jenelle Evans’ Mom Barbara Used To Be A Hot Babe: See Old Photos

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Thanks to a recent TikTok post, Jenelle Evans fans know that her mom, Barbara, used to be a hot babe. Given the turbulent history between the mother/daughter duo, what brought on this sentimental post from Jenelle? Keep reading to learn more about the Teen Mom alum and her mom.

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans’ Past

Fans first met Jenelle Evans on MTV’s hit show 16 & Pregnant. Jenelle’s first child, Jace Vahn Evans, was born on August 2, 2009. At the time, Jenelle is regularly seen partying. Eventually, the teenage mom signs over her parental rights to her mom, Barbara.

Jenelle Evans Instagram
Instagram Jenelle Evans

Fans watched for years as Jenelle Evans got arrested a few times. There also appeared to be a lot of drama between Jenelle and Barbara, so it may be shocking to see such a sweet, sentimental post come from Jenelle. Have this mother/daughter duo turned a new leaf?

Jenelle Evans’ Mom Barbara Used To Be A Hot Babe: See Old Photos

In a two-part TikTok, Jenelle Evans shares many throwback photos of her mom, Barbara. The former MTV star captions part one with “Highly request, here ya go.” The clip starts with Jenelle fresh-faced, hair in a messy bun, wearing a casual purple sweater with fries on the front.

During this video clip, the text reads, “idk who raised you, but I was raised by Barbara.” Then, she transitions to a series of photos of her mom.

One fan points out that this post is unexpected. They anticipated a compilation of things that Barbara has said over the years. In response, Jenelle writes, “I was nice y’all.”

A resounding number of comments on the first post request a second TikTok with more photos of Barbara. Jenelle listens to her fans and gives them another clip. In this clip, we see more of Jenelle’s siblings when they were young.

In the comments, one fan seems shocked to learn that Jenelle Evans has siblings, so the reality television star confirms. She writes, “Yes, older brother and sister. I am the youngest.”

One of the common comments on both videos is that they can hear Barbara. They share some of their favorite Babs quotes. One of the most popular ones is “Smokin the reefah with Keiffah!”

Are Jenelle And Barbara On Good Terms?

So are Jenelle and Barbara on good terms? One fan asks, “wait is you and your mom on good terms now after the show?”

Jenelle responds with a simple, “50/50.”

Shockingly, that isn’t the last comment the Teen Mom alum makes on the subject. One of her followers writes, “Sometimes  u can have them around and sometimes not but it’s for YOUR own well being… not theirs!!!”

Then Jenelle agrees. She says, “Yeah there’s a fine line.”

So, it seems that things are not 100% with Jenelle Evans and her mom, Barbara. However, Jenelle still took the time to share a sweet post about her mom with fans. And, fans respond with amazement that Barb “was a low-key baddie.”

What do you think about the TikToks? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Teen Mom news.

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