Duggar Cousin Amy King Anticipates Backlash, Prepares For Battle

Duggar cousin Amy King Instagram

Duggar cousin Amy King is ready for whatever negative comments might come her way. She’s proving to fans that she’s prepared to go to battle over a recent post she made on social media. However, this isn’t the first time that the Duggar cousin has been slammed on social media.

Because of her connection to the Duggar family, Amy King has racked up quite a few followers on social media. This has proven to be both a positive thing and a negative one. Part of the problem with her links to the TLC family is that she gets lots of attention on social media. She often gets slammed for the things she posts. Fans sometimes disagree with the way she raises her son or the things she speaks out about.

In preparation for the inevitable negative attention she might receive, Amy decided to stop the hate before it even began. So, how did Amy prepare for battle?

Amy King Instagram

Duggar cousin Amy King stops the haters dead in their tracks.

On her Instagram stories, Duggar cousin Amy King shared a snap of her two-year-old son, Daxton Ryan, drinking a large cup of soda. In the photo, her son is sitting behind the counter at her clothing boutique, 3130 Clothing. The little guy is all decked out in a red and gray striped outfit and looks very serious as his mom snaps a picture.

Along with sharing the photo, Amy writes, “Also… he’s really the boss at home and at 3130 Clothing.

Amy King Instagram

Then, shortly after posting the first photo, Amy shared a follow-up post. It features a similar photo of Daxton as he sips on the large drink. But Amy predicted that there would be negative messages, so she took a quick second to explain herself.

When sharing the next post, Amy wrote, “I always give him the large cup and take almost all of it out of it.. bc he likes to be a big kid!”

Amy was clearly ready for battle and didn’t want to put up with the negative responses. So, hopefully, fans can rest easy knowing that she isn’t letting her toddler drink a large soda all by himself.

Amy King Instagram

So, do you appreciate Duggar cousin Amy King’s explanation before the haters decided to come for her? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For the latest news about the Duggar family, come back to¬†TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Amy, you do great as a parent to your kid. Ignore what haters may think. People who raise a pedophile are the ones who should feel shame.

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