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Jeremy Roloff’s Dangerous Decision Leaves Fans Shocked & Horrified

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Jeremy Roloff made a dangerous decision recently and LPBW fans are absolutely horrified by it. What was this dangerous decision that Audrey Roloff’s husband made? Why are his fans and followers so upset with him for making it? Was it really a dangerous decision? Keep reading for all of the details.

LPBW fans horrified as Jeremy Roloff makes dangerous decision

Jeremy Roloff shared a decision he likely later regretted sharing on his Instagram Stories recently. According to The Sun, Jeremy created a cardboard sign he proceeded to use to hitchhike a ride to the airport. He shared a clip of himself making the sign. He included a caption admitting he was hopeful the sign would get him to the airport. Jeremy Roloff also shared a photo of himself thanking a random woman for giving him a ride to the airport.

LPBW fans were a bit baffled by Jeremy’s decision. They were quick to blast him for his decision to do something so dangerous. Fan chatter on social media quickly questioned why Audrey Roloff’s husband didn’t just call an Uber to give him a ride to the airport. Hitchhiking isn’t exactly considered a safe activity for anyone. But, fans assume it is even more dangerous for someone as well-known as Jeremy Roloff. Fans couldn’t believe he would risk his life making such a dangerous decision.

Jeremy Roloff - YouTube
Jeremy Roloff – YouTube

His wife Audrey is also under fire right now

In addition to Jeremy, his wife Audrey Roloff doesn’t have a lot of love for fans right now. As we previously reported, she was blasted for her dangerous sleeping set-up for her son Radley. More recently, she was blasted again for picking and choosing which overpriced things she feels comfortable promoting to her following. The TLC star admitted in the comments of her Instagram that she received a free item from a company she decided not to promote even though she loved it because it was too pricey. Fans felt this was a bit hypocritical as she frequently promotes expensive items.

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

Both Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey catch a lot of heat for how much they post on social media The couple made the decision to walk away from the series, yet fans feel as though they still reap the benefits of the show’s following. So, the Roloff couple often gets blasted for being hypocritical with their feelings toward being on the reality TV series that first landed their family in the spotlight.

Are you surprised Jeremy Roloff crafted a sign he used to hitchhike to the airport? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC star,

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