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Holly Scarfone Talks Temptation & Consequences On ‘Too Hot To Handle’

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Too Hot To Handle Season 3 has been out for a while now. Many fans binged all ten episodes in a short amount of time and now want answers. Where are the rest of the castmates and what did they think of the season? Contestant Holly Scarfone was happy to share her thoughts.

She recently sat down with Us Weekly to dish on the season and what she took away from it. Keep in mind this article will contain spoilers, so come back after you finish the season!

Holly Scarfone was genuinely interested in forming stronger connections — despite the rule breaks

In case you didn’t get a chance to watch the reunion special, we have some sad news to share. None of the couples featured in Season 3 are still together. And that includes the winners, Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond.

Holly Scarfone and her onscreen flame Nathan Soan aren’t together either. But that doesn’t mean things are over for good. Keep in mind that Holly and Nathan live on completely different continents. There’s always a chance things could change if they moved closer together.

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But even though Holly and Nathan are no longer together, they have fond memories of their time in the resort together. Holly recently confided in Us Weekly why she and Nathan found each other so tempting. They just couldn’t stop breaking the rules!

“Of course I cared about the money,” the 23-year-old told the publication. “I didn’t come to do the experience for money, but I did wanna respect everyone around me. But, at the same time, I knew I had met someone just incredible and [who] held a special place in my heart, you know what I mean? And I felt like it would’ve been a disservice to myself to not really explore that. … I feel like I would’ve had regrets if I just let time pass and [did] not harness every moment.”

Although their costars grew frustrated with Holly and Nathan, they were proud of the growth they showed as a couple.

The Netflix star is ready to tackle whatever comes her way next

Although the couples aren’t together any longer, it appears that the Season 3 castmates all have a really strong bond. Holly Scarfone posted several photos of her and the other cast members on her Instagram page. Overall, it seems like Too Hot To Handle really was a positive experience. Even if the singles didn’t get to party the way they really wanted to.

Holly Scarfone/Instagram

“I think in general, in life, people [judge] anyway,” Holly told Us Weekly. “Now it’s a little bit more public, right? Amplified. … But it just comes with it. There’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable, and people are gonna have their own opinions. It’s just life.”

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