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‘I Am Shauna Rae’ Star Went To OB-GYN, Can She Carry A Baby?

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Shauna Rae Lesick survived childhood brain cancer that impacted her growth and development. Her doctors discovered that the treatments that saved her life also damaged her pituitary gland, which controls hormones and growth. She is actually 22-years-old, although physically she appears to be about 8-years-old.

However, Shauna has a lot of questions about the future ahead. She has a lot to be excited about since she beat cancer, but is also curious to know how her health struggles impacted her fertility.

To get some answers, the TLC star recently visited an OB-GYN to find out what kind of impact her cancer treatments had on her fertility.

Shauna Rae wants answers about her health to make the best decisions possible for her future

PEOPLE had the opportunity to sit down with Shauna Rae and hear her story.

“Going back to when I was 16, no one really checked on my fertility,” she told the publication “I know people with other forms of dwarfism can have babies. I wanted to get the process started to determine if I could or couldn’t. It’s not as much as always can I carry a baby? It’s, did the chemo affect my fertility? Did it affect any of my system? My eggs?”

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However, Shauna Rae hasn’t decided whether or not she wants to explore motherhood or not.

“I’m still really young and haven’t made up my mind,” she shared, revealing that she visited an OB-GYN to check in on her reproductive health.

“I do know that raising a child I have no questions about, I know I can do it,” she says. “If I meet a person and they want to have a family, then that’s what we’re going to do. It’s nothing that is never going to be a no for me, it’s always a maybe kind of situation.”

Those are the answers we have for now. Shauna Rae may or may not share more when she knows more. In the meantime, keep up with her and the rest of her family when new episodes of I Am Shauna Rae air at 10 PM on Tuesday nights on TLC.

Dating isn’t always easy for the TLC star

Dating can be difficult when you’re in Shauna Rae’s shoes, but she remains hopeful. She recently had a blind date with a man named Abraham. Fans really have a good feeling about him.

As far as we know, Shauna and Abraham haven’t set up any more dates. But fans really appreciated how much food he brought on the date. He seemed genuine and was really entertaining.

Keep watching I Am Shauna Rae on TLC to see where the 22-year-old’s journey takes her next. We can’t wait to catch the latest episodes.

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