‘Pump Rules’ Fans SLAM Stassi Schroeder For Monetizing Off Racism

Pump Rules Fans SLAM Stassi Schroeder For Profiting Off Racism [Credit: Bravo/YouTube]

Stassi Schroeder announced her new book. On Wednesday, January 26, the former Vanderpump Rules star took to Instagram to share the exciting news with her 2.4 million followers. She revealed that she had a “roller-coaster” year after she hit “rock bottom”  from her Bravo firing. Stassi was fired from the show in June 2020 for her past racist actions and comments.

The 33-year-old claims that she did a lot of reflecting and writing in the past two years. Now, she’s addressing the controversy and comparing herself to Marie Antoinette. The Bravo star went on full-garb on the cover of her new book, Off With My head: The Definitive Basic B*tch Handbook to Surviving Rock Bottom.

Fans accused her of monetizing off her racism. Read on for more details and for the fan reaction.

Stassi Schroeder announces her new memoir

Stassi Schroeder is in a reflective mode. She’s looking back at her June 2020 firing and her 2021 birth. She’s addressing all of that and more in her new memoir. The blonde reality star took to Instagram to share the details of her new book.

“The last couple of years have been a freaking rollercoaster for everyone — there’s been a lot of loss, a lot of big realizations, and a lot of unexpected changes — for most of us, anyway,” Stassi Schroeder wrote in the caption. “It’s no secret I’ve made some big mistakes and have been called out for them, but I’ve also done a lot of reflecting and learning … and writing. Off With My Head is the Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook to Surviving Rock Bottom.”

Stassi Schroeder Announces New Book [Credit: Stassi Schroeder/Instagram]
[Credit: Stassi Schroeder/Instagram]
The former fashion blogger said that writing the book helped “shed some light on what happened.” Stassi is hoping that her stories will inspire others to climb out of their own rock bottom moments. The network fired her from Vanderpump Rules after eight seasons. Later that same month, the Next Level Basic author announced her and Beau Clark’s first pregnancy.

Profiting off her racism?

Stassi Schroeder received a warm reception on Instagram. Most of the comments were positive. Fans were glad that she was taking accountability for her past. They felt that this was the perfect way to make a comeback.

However, fans on Reddit disagree. They think she’s profiting off racism with her new book. One fan started a thread titled: “Nothing like being able to monetise [sic] your racism…” They included a photo of Stassi Schroeder dressed up as Marie Antoinette on the cover of the book. Fans took to the thread to share their thoughts on her new book.

  • “Comparing/aligning herself with Marie Antoinette is really not the move she thinks…”
  • “OMG 😭😭😭😭”
  • “Must be so nice to be so privileged that you get to be a terrible person and to capitalize on that.” “
  • “‘Best selling author’ 🤮🤮🤮”

Some fans noted that Stassi’s privilege is showing. Others think she doesn’t know the meaning of “rock bottom” since she’s a privileged person who lives in a “multi-million dollar home.” They don’t believe Stassi ever hit rock bottom after her firing.

The Louisiana native has since started a new podcast with her husband called The Good. The Bad. The Baby. And, she has gotten some of her endorsements back. Stassi also has a new book, so her career isn’t dead.

Is Stassi Schroeder Profiting Off Racism? [Credit: Stassi Schroeder/Instagram]
[Credit: Stassi Schroeder/Instagram]
What are your thoughts on Stassi Schroeder’s new book? Do you agree that she’s monetizing off her racism? Sound off below in the comments section. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Stassi Schroeder.

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  1. Come on people. There is nothing wrong with a book about your missteps in life. Everyone has just got to calm down, reflect on your own life and how you can do better. Do you know someone who messed up? Have you written them off? If not maybe you should do so instead of giving them a second chance. You should be saying happy to hear you are evolving. You that constantly complain are now just not being listened yo with an eye roll. Move on stop wallowing.

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