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Places ‘Survivor’ Will Never Visit, See The Strange Reason Why

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Nick Davis

Survivor has been to nearly 20 countries throughout the show’s time on air. They’ve been everywhere from the jungles of the Amazon in Brazil to the brutally dry Australian outback. Certain locations have pushed contestants to physical extremes the show has never seen before. However, even with so many trying locations, there are certain countries the show just refuses to visit.

Cold Countries

In an interview with ET Canada, Jeff Probst explained a few Survivor locales that were under consideration. Ultimately they are not places the show will ever venture into. Why they won’t visit any type of cold climate country is a question Survivor producers receive often. It seems the show sticks to countries with tropical climates.

“It has been discussed. [There’s a] couple of issues…” Probst said in the interview.

The main issues Jeff addresses are gear and socialization. He addressed gear because in tropical Survivor locales, the worst that comes of the consistent neglect is dehydration, starvation, and occasionally certain heatstroke-related issues. These are issues that can be easily remedied. In a cold climate Survivor, any gear issues can result in hypothermia and frostbite. Medical issues generally need to be resolved before they even begin to ensure no long-term problems. He discussed socialization because Jeff imagines in a cold climate people would spend most of their time huddled together for warmth. However, this is most likely not an inaccurate assumption. The wild and free socialization Survivor is known for would be killed off by people constantly sticking to the larger group to maintain body heat. Sadly, a cold Survivor is unlikely to ever become a reality.

greenland via YouTube
Greenland, a vast country with a lot of potential for a ‘Survivor’ season.


Jeff confirmed in the same ET Canada interview that Jordan was under consideration for the Season 2 of Survivor. “That will never happen now,” Jeff said in regards to the country. The reason it won’t be happening now is a bit unclear since Jordan is considered one of the safest and most ideal travel locations in the Middle East at the moment. The possibility of Tina Wesson winning in Jordan instead of Australia is an interesting thought, though.

The Fijian Loop

If it feels as though Survivor has stagnated in its locations recently, it’s not an ill-founded feeling. The show seems permanently stuck in Fiji at the moment. It seems as though they may have settled on the country and won’t explore many locations in the future. Hopefully, this is just an era of the show. It seems much longer than it’s actually been. It’s only been 6 years since it began with Millenials vs. Gen X. Fans love seeing the show drop contestants in a variety of locations, so with enough outcry Survivor will surely begin to explore new locales soon.

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