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Why ‘MAFS’ Season 14 Fans Want To Smack Alyssa Ellman

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Fans are not happy with Alyssa Ellman on Season 14 of Married at First Sight. She met and married Chris Collette. It wasn’t love at first sight for Alyssa. In fact, her treatment of him has fans in an uproar. What did she do that makes many MAFS fans want to smack her? Keep reading to find out more.

Fans want to smack MAFS newlywed Alyssa Ellman

Meaww shared all about why fans are not happy with Alyssa Ellman and how she’s treating Chris Collette. While it shouldn’t happen that the new couple judges each other on looks, it does happen. It’s shallow and many think that Alyssa has written Chris off too soon.

In fact, many want to smack Alyssa based on how she’s treating Chris. She appears to be gaslighting him and refusing to get to know him. Most believe it’s because she doesn’t like how he looks.

Chris Collette MAFS via YouTube

Alyssa claims something rubbed her wrong that her new husband’s friends said at the wedding reception. Others seem to support their new marriage. However, Alyssa continues to make it known she has no intention of getting to know Chris.

He even sat down with her mom Josie and friend Taylor to have an open and honest conversation. Chris admitted there may be some communication issues between him and Alyssa. His new mother-in-law encouraged him to try even though her daughter can be set in her ways. Taylor echoed Josie’s thoughts on it all.

One fan said, “Ok wanna smack Alyssa. She is really bruising this guys ego and she is not cream of the crop. #MAFS.” Another fan said, “Alyssa’s “rubbing me the wrong way!” Nothing pleases this woman! #MarriedAtFirstSight #mafs.”

The hate for Alyssa continued

Other fans chimed in slamming Alyssa for how she was treating Chris. Nobody seems to like Alyssa and many wonder why the experts hadn’t intervened to help Chris.

Chris even confronted Alyssa about their problems. She was angry he went to her mother and friend about their problems. She said Chris disrespected her. However, fans think it’s the other way around and that Alyssa is gaslighting Chris.

One fan tweeted, “As far as I take it Alyssa disrespecting Chris #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSightBoston.” Another added, “She’s really gaslighting him, it’s disgusting to watch. #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight.”

Many do not feel Alyssa and Chris should even move in together. What do you think?

Married At First Sight Season 14 airs on Wednesday at 8p/7c.


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  1. I certainly understand why she has remained unmarried until this show. Who could live up to her unrealistic expectations? She is hyper-critical, judgmental and certainly no prize.

    1. Agree. And everything about her is fake, from her lashes to her injected lips. She’s already growing a neck that will look like her mother’s, but at least her mother seems nice.

  2. She should be thrown off the honeymoon, no more chance and no paycheck. Chris needs another, kind, not for ratings women to step in to continue this journey with.

  3. How did she get by ‘the experts’? She’s obviously a shallow, entitled narcissist. Are the producers of the show torturing Chris for ratings? Dump that bitch, I loathe her and fast fwd her scenes now.

  4. Allyssa needs to be put off of the show ASAP. They should have never allowed her to go on the honeymoon, and they should have sent her home from it because she is just completely rude and obnoxious. Chris is way too good for her, and when this show is over, I believe we are going to have another Gil, and she will be left alone with her dogs and horses. I hope she treats those animals a lot better than she is doing Chris.

  5. Alyssa has some serious issues. Isn’t she the bride who said she’d purchased 10 wedding dresses? Isn’t she the bride who said that a snaggle toothed groom would be a deal breaker? How did she even make it onto this show? She is absolutely gaslighting Chris. She knows she isn’t attracted to him, but that makes her look shallow. So she’s making up stuff to try to shift the blame onto Chris, because she just can’t be the bad guy again. I bet this is a pattern of behavior with her, and she can’t bear to face up to who she is.

  6. Chris needs to cut his losses and move on. Another Myrla.
    . Couldn’t the professionals see this coming. SMDH! The man she thinks she wants doesn’t want someone like her. They need to cancel this show or fire the professionals

  7. I agree with everyone on here. There’s definitely a great reason she’s still single! She’s a very immature entitled bi_ch! Adults talk things through. Let’s be honest here she is trying so hard to cover up who she really is. There is NO EXCUSE for her inhumane treatment! I’m sure she’s an embarrassment to all her friends and family!!🙄

  8. Alyssa confirms that I think this show is about ratings. She’s everything a potential husband would reject from the first date and yet the experts chose her as a perfect match. Are the producers coaching her to be this obnoxious?

  9. I don’t understand why they are still filming with her! I agree with the person who said that the experts should have intervened…………..and they should have done it on the wedding day! She’s a waste of time.

  10. “I’m not comfortable sleeping with A stranger.” Really?? Then why apply to be on a show where you marry a complete stranger? Alyssa is not living in the same reality as the rest of us.

  11. She is a miserable person and wants perfection in a man. Well guess what, you need to bring SO MUCH MORE to the table, besides your judgmental personality and your resting bitch face. Seriously, this guy is career driven and someone you can count on. Whoever you are looking for is a freaking fairly tail because anyone normal wouldn’t date you!

    1. Ugh Alyssa! Ultimately, I hope she gets what she wants. A super handsome model type. Hope she knows those kind of guys can also be cheating a**hol*s. Bye Alyssa!

  12. I also agree with everyone on here. Alyssa is shallow and heartless. Get her off the show! Experts where are you? Find someone else for Chris. I want to smack her in the face! She is a HORRIBLE person. So Disrespectful. And who the hell told her she looked like a beauty queen??! Bye Felicia!!!!

  13. It’s obvious that the producers choose extreme personalities like Alyssa and many others each season from the beginning just to stoke up the drama and ratings. Almost none of the people on the show ever applied on their own – most are “discovered” via social media or by being “known” by production staff or past participants and then directly “recruited”. The “experts” serve only as actors “acting” like the real world professionals they are only when and how to the extent that their intervention fits the narrative of the designed “storyline”. And people like Chris and many others in past seasons are paid (and bound by contract) to be “victims”, albeit they get public exposure and usually much sympathy. In my observation, only 1 or 2 couple are even intended to be matched appropriately and have a chance to last, and many of those fail as well on their own. MAFS is just an unscripted but “directed” Soap Opera using real people instead of career actors!

  14. So bummed at what this show has become. It was so good in the early years when the experts really helped the couples. Now it is just like any other staged “reality” show. Over-produced and intended to vilify some and humiliate others. I don’t think I will make it through this season after seeing what the “experts” were willing to put Chris through.

    1. I agree, As of 2/9/22, I cannot watch this show anymore. The so-called professionals are talking out of their books. they have no idea what rreal life is!

  15. Alyssa is a horrible person. She isn’t giving Chris a chance. When she does an activity with Chris she looks like she’s in pain just to be near him. She’s a psycho! No way this person should be on the show. Poor Chris will need Therapy after this. Please remove Alyssa from this show. It’s painful to watch how hurt Chris is!

  16. I wish the producers would ask her to leave. She comes across conceited, spoiled & a diva. I would be mortified to even watch this if I were her but then again maybe she needs to watch this – in the hopes she’ll see what she actually looks like to the world… embarrasses herself. Please go home already – no man should subject himself to this treatment. Now we all know why she is single! Yuck.

  17. No one can make Alyssa look bad…she does a great job all by herself. Anyone who has to state ‘ I’m a good person’ over and over again is in fact aware of what a bad person she is. Shame on the show for continuing to give her tv time. That attention is all she ever wanted and you give her the stage to continue her acting and lying.
    I cannot watch any longer…unless she is gone.

  18. I do not understand why the professionals didn’t Intervene sooner. I feel like they pair them up and say sink or swim. I feel like some couples need counseling earlier than some. They needed to sit her down the day after the wedding. Nobody’s mentioned her saying that she wanted to stay in the apartment so she can hang out with the other couples (not Chris). She wanted to get paid to take vacations, be filmed, and party. This whole thing was a social experiment for her.

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