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Lindsie Chrisley Asks Fans To Write To Son Jackson, Why?

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In a recent Instagram post, former Chrisley Knows Best star Lindsie Chrisley asks fans to write to her son, Jackson. Keep reading to discover why Todd Chrisley’s estranged daughter is making this request from her fans.

Lindsie Is Navigating A Lot Of Life Changes

Lindsie Chrisley is currently navigating a lot of life changes. Earlier this year, she announced that she was getting a divorce from her husband of nine years, Will Campbell. Her divorce led to her moving into a new home, navigating life as a single mom, and getting a new puppy, Georgia.

From the looks of her social media, Lindsie Chrisley is handling everything with grace. The Coffee Convos podcast co-host keeps her fans up-to-date with a lot of the major happenings in her life by posting significant moments on her Instagram. Often, the captions read like a journal and include a quote or song lyrics. Also, Lindsie usually has an element intended to get her fans engaged with her posts.

Lindsie Chrisley, Jackson Campbell, Georgia, Instagram
Instagram Lindsie Chrisley

Lindsie Chrisley Asks Fans To Write To Son Jackson, Why?

Recently, Lindsie Chrisley posted a photo of herself with Jackson. She squats down to get on his level. Jackson is holding a basketball, and they both have smiles from ear to ear. The newly single mother starts her caption with, “Saturday’s are for sports + mama.”

Then, the doting mom explains why she is so proud of Jackson. She begins by noting that “Loving him is the best thing [she’ll] ever do.”

After that, Lindsie Chrisley talks about why this basketball season is different from seasons past. She shares that not only is watching him play a rewarding experience for her, but she’s proud “Knowing he loves it & wants to put in the work to be his best self.”

Instagram Lindsie Chrisley

After doting on Jackson, Lindsie shares some insight into her life. She explains that while “This season of life has been hard for us all,” there has still been good to come out of it. To interact with her fans, she encourages them to speak the following five lines every morning:

  1. “I am the best.”
  2. “I can do it.”
  3. “God is always with me.”
  4. “I am a winner.”
  5. “Today is my day.”

After that, The Southern Tea podcast host encourages her fans to write “something sweet” for Jackson. Lindsie Chrisley lets fans know that she’ll share what they wrote with her son before his basketball game on Saturday.

Fans Share Sweet Messages For Jackson

Here are some of the messages fans had to share with Jackson:

  • “Go Jackson!! Get that W!!”
  • “When you’re high, stay humble. When you’re low, stay hopeful. Always try your best. When a player is down, help them up…”
  • “Your instaFAM has got your backs! We love you two!!

What do you think about Lindsie Chrisley asking fans to write Jackson? What would you tell Jackson before his basketball game? Please share with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley news.

While Lindsie Chrisley may not be on Chrisley Knows Best, you can still keep up with the rest of her family by checking out their podcast, Chrisley Confessions. Check back with TV Shows Ace for updates on upcoming seasons of Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley. 

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