GAC’s ‘Harmony From The Heart’ Stars Jessica Lowndes, Jesse Metcalfe In Music-Filled Romance

GAC Harmony From the Heart, used with permission from Slay Media

GAC Family is premiering Jessica Lowndes and Jesse Metcalfe’s new movie soon! What do we know about this upcoming romance?

What is GAC Family’s Harmony From The Heart About?

According to the press release sent to TV Shows Ace by GAC Family, Jesse Metcalfe plays surgeon Blake Williams. His professional opinion on how to treat his ailing grandfather, who hasn’t spoken in a year, differs from music therapist Violet (Lowndes).

Violet finally has an opportunity at her dream job: music therapist for a local hospital. The one obstacle is Violet’s department chair says a requirement of her graduation is rehabilitating a patient to speak again. Moreover, there is a time crunch. Violet has only two weeks to succeed at this assignment.

Adding to the stress in this situation, the patient is the professor’s beloved brother, Charles. Another hurdle is skepticism about music therapy held by the man’s doctor, Blake Williams (Metcalfe), a local heart surgeon and, more importantly, Charles’ grandson.

Feeling the pressure to create a near miracle, Violet uses music to traverse the mile markers of Charles’ life, and he begins to progress. Violet and Blake realize they each love helping people, and their hearts begin to open to each other.  

Jessica Lowndes, Jesse Metcalfe in GAC Family Harmony From The Heart. Photo used with permission from Slay Media
Jessica Lowndes, Jesse Metcalfe in GAC Family Harmony From The Heart. Photo used with permission from Slay Media/GAC Media

Jessica Lowndes Produced, Wrote Songs For Harmony From The Heart

Jessica Lowndes plays a big part in the GAC Family movie, Harmony From The Heart. She wrote the script for the movie. In addition, she is an executive producer for this movie. Moreover, she wrote an original song for the movie called “11:11.”

Lastly, Jessica Lowndes and Jesse Metcalfe perform the classic song, “It Had To Be You” in this movie.

When the news about this movie first came out, the 90210 alum went to Instagram to share her joy. “Secret’s out! Couldn’t be more excited to executive produce and star alongside @realjessemetcalfe in the new movie I wrote!!! 😆🥰 Just wait until you hear all of the original music in this one!!! SWIPE to read more. 🎶 🎼 🎵 #feb12#harmonyfromtheheart #musictherapy#violet #valentinesday2022.”

It looks like 2022 is going to be a big year for the Too Close To Christmas star. If you should browse Jessica’s Instagram a little more, you can see that she has also made her directorial debut! On January 6, she shared photos of herself behind the camera, analyzing the footage, and a sporty car with two people inside. Perhaps she is acting and directing this same movie?

Her caption read “🎥🎬 #directorialdebut #comingsoon.” Looks exciting!

When Will GAC Family Premiere Harmony From The Heart?

Fans of Jesse Metcalfe and Jessica Lowndes have their Valentine’s weekend set. That is because GAC Family is premiering Harmony From The Heart on Saturday, February 12, at 8 p.m. Eastern. The new network will continue to play encores of the movie throughout the month.

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