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Audrey Roloff Blasted For Baby Radley’s ‘Unsafe’ Sleep Setup: See Photo

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Former Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff is on blast after sharing a photo of her newborn son, Radley, sleeping. The mom of three is being called out online because fans are concerned about the little guy’s sleeping environment. So, what photo did Audrey share, and what exactly do fans have to say about it?

In case you missed the news, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff welcomed their third child, a son, to the world in November. The family seems to be getting the hang of having a new little one in their home. Radley has two older siblings, Ember, 4, and Bode, 2.

While most of LPBW fans’ comments about the new addition are very positive, they do have some concerns about the new baby’s safety.


Audrey Roloff shares a new photo of Radley all bundled up.

On her Instagram stories this week, Audrey Roloff snapped a photo of her new baby boy all cozy in a fur blanket. He’s fast asleep and looks very comfortable.

In addition to sharing the snap, Audrey shared about the company that makes these blankets and offered fans a promotional code for a discount. While this might appear to be a pretty simple post on her Instagram stories, fans are taking issue with it.

Audrey Roloff Instagram

Little People, Big World fans worry about ‘unsafe’ sleep.

On RedditLittle People, Big World fans are discussing Audrey Roloff’s latest post. The original poster points out that Audrey is right there because she had to be to take the photo.

However, fans are concerned that she leaves him in a blanket like this unsupervised. Some fans are pointing out that she has a pretty big following, and some of her followers might not know about safe sleep guidelines. One fan says, “Other people watching may see her post this and replicate it at home without the close eye on their baby, risking unsafe sleep.”

One Reddit user points out that this is a frequent issue. They write, “She always puts her small babies to sleep on so many blankets, with soft stuffed animals, pillows around, etc. I cannot believe she’s not getting slammed with DMs all the time about SIDS risk. It drives me effing nuts that she keeps doing this with EVERY SINGLE BABY.”

Another fan mentions that Radley isn’t on a flat surface. They explain, “The blanket isn’t the only problem. Babies are placed on their back in flat surfaces to prevent positional asphyxia.”

So, did this photo of Baby Radley concern you, too? Or do you think LPBW fans are worried about nothing? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

The blanket….. 😖 I know Audrey is right there because she’s taking the picture but does this give anyone else anxiety?! from LittlePeopleBigWorld

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  1. It’s never safe to let a baby sleep on those blankets. I was super aware of SIDS. She should put a disclaimer. She’s of course getting paid to mention the blanket

  2. This is stupid. Obviously she knows what she is doing,it’s her third and they all are alive and healthy. These fans need to go find something else to complain about. These people are not god’s,go find a hobby

  3. While most are positive we found a few that gave us the right to say that people are blasting her because…. Because we like dividing families and stirring crap 🤦🏼‍♀️ leave mom’s alone!!

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