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‘American Idol’ David Archuleta Update: ‘Can’t Pretend Everything’s Fine’


American Idol Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta shared a bit of a somber mental health update on Instagram recently. In his update, he explained that he needed to be real with his fans and followers. He couldn’t pretend that everything was fine when it wasn’t. Despite being a very emotional and lengthy update with the musician appearing to be on the brink of tears, David’s intent was not to alarm or concern his fans with his update. He wanted to be real with them. For him, this lengthy video was more of an “it’s ok not to be ok” update.


The American Idol Season 7 runner-up explained his decision to post this update involving his mental health came from a place of believing he always needed to be real with his fans. David Archuleta says he fully believes fans and followers can tell when artists are being fake. And, he never wants that to be the case between him and his fan base.

It was nearly two weeks ago that David Archuleta posted this mental health update on his Instagram profile. Being nearly an hour-long, the American Idol alum had a lot to share with his fans.

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Why did he share this update?

In the caption of his video, the singer reveals this video was more because he needed to get some things off of his chest. He admits the video was more for him than anyone else. He, however, wondered if he needed to work on not oversharing so much.

But for now it’s the way I know how to deal with my emotions and get through them and not let them get the best of me. I don’t like to keep things in. It makes me go crazy.”

He concluded in the caption of his video: “So this is just part of my healing. Thanks for being a community that has always been kind, willing to listen, and be with me wherever I find myself. I very much appreciate it.”

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David Archuleta talks about his inner struggles

In his video, David opens up about the inner struggles he currently endures. It wasn’t that long ago that the American Idol alum came out and told the world he was gay. For the singer, this has been a deep and personal struggle because feeling the way he feels toward another man goes against his own faith.

He continues to explain that he was always taught a marriage should be between a man and a woman. Over the years, he notes that some faiths have evolved to recognize there is nothing wrong with having feelings or being attracted toward a person of the same gender. He, however, clarifies that many different faiths don’t want people to act on those feelings though.

american idol david archuletta

Unfortunately, David Archuleta isn’t really in a place where he’s battling to get other people to accept him. Presently, he is battling with his own mental health as he struggles to accept himself. The young singer admits he takes comfort in putting his struggles out there instead of keeping them all bottled up.


He doesn’t want to be a person that pretends everything is alright because it isn’t. He, however, does think it will be ok.

What do you think about this real update David Archuleta offered to his fans and followers? Do you appreciate the singer being so raw with his fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest TV news.

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