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Stream This: ‘Agatha Raisin’ Season 4 Coming To Acorn TV

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Agatha Raisin is back for Season 4. Ashley Jensen is returning as the super sleuth.

In addition, Jamie Glover (James Lacey), Jason Merrill’s (Sir Charles Fraith), Matthew Horne (Roy Silver), Matt McCooey (DS Bill Wong), Jason Barnett (DCI Wilkes), Marcia Warren (Mrs. Boggle), Lucy Liemann (Sarah Bloxby), and Jodie Tyack (Toni Gilmour) are all back for mystery, laughs and a lot of funky Cotswolds fun.

What episodes are coming up?

Agatha Raisin: Love, Lies & Liquor

Starting out 2022 is Love, Lies & Liquor. Fresh from his book tour, James is waiting on Agatha to join him on a seaside trip to Snoth-on-Sea. He needs to write a follow-up book, and Agatha needs to create PR.

However, Sarah has made Agatha promise to not get emotionally attached to James. She always falls for him and he always breaks her heart.

When they arrive at the seaside destination, Agatha finds it the opposite of romantic. People are picketing outside of their hotel. It seems that a casino is being built there.

When they stop to eat, Agatha has a run-in with one of the restaurant patrons, Geraldine Jankers (Nicola Duffet). James pulls her away to find another place to safely eat. However, Agatha realizes that her scarf is missing.

The next day, someone is murdered with that very scarf. Agatha is not allowed to leave, but why would she? She has a case to solve!

Don’t miss the premiere of Agatha Raisin: Love, Lies & Liquor (Part 1 & 2) on Monday, February 7, on Acorn TV.

Ashley Jensen, Jamie Glover as Agatha and James-Mark Bourdillon/AcornTV
Ashley Jensen as Agatha Raisin; Jamie Glover as James Lacey Photo Credit: Mark Bourdillon/AcornTV

Agatha Raisin And A Spoonful Of Poison

Next is A Spoonful Of Poison. Agatha, Roy, and Sarah are headed to the Fruit Preserve Festival. However, the locals are not pleased because Roy has rebranded it to the Great Cotswold Jam Off.

However, it looks like someone put a hallucinogenic into one of the jams. One of the judges falls off the roof. But, Agatha believes that this was no accident. She tells Bill that the victim was led to the roof and pushed off!

Because DCI Wilkes was competing, he hires Agatha to get to the bottom of this jammy murder.

Don’t miss the Acorn TV premiere of Agatha Raisin And A Spoonful Of Poison (Part 1 & 2) on Monday, February 14.

Ashley Jensen as Agatha Raisin, Jason Merrells as Lord Charles Fraith-Mark Bourdillon/AcornTV
Ashley Jensen as Agatha Raisin, Jason Merrells as Lord Charles Fraith-Mark Bourdillon/AcornTV

Agatha Raisin: There Goes The Bride

In the final episode of Season 4, There Goes The Bride, there is a wedding between James and his Welsh fiancée Eirwen (Elen Rhys). Before the big event, the gang of Cotswolds  guests goes paintballing.

In typical Agatha fashion, she accidentally splats James and Eirwen, who are decked out in their wedding attire for promotional photos. Eventually, Agatha gets to know the fiancée and realizes why James has made this major step.

However, the next day, someone has shot the bride, and the police have taken James! Agatha has to keep her cool to save the man for whom she still holds tender feelings.

The premiere of Agatha Raisin: There Goes The Bride (Part 1 & 2) is on Monday, February 21, on Acorn TV.

Kissing Christmas Goodbye

In December 2021, Agatha Raisin: Kissing Christmas Goodbye premiered on Acorn TV. It is available to stream now.

Are you ready for Agatha Raisin Series 4?

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