Meri Brown Inserts Herself In Places Meant For Robyn?

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Has Meri Brown inserted herself into places intended for Kody’s favorite wife Robyn? According to Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, that is basically what happened as the Sister Wives star defended Robyn in the comments of a post that had absolutely nothing to do with Robyn. What was said about Robyn and what did Meri Brown say in response? Here’s what we know.

Meri Brown sticks up for Robyn

In a post that had absolutely nothing to do with Robyn, one Sister Wives fan urged Meri not to hate on Robyn. The fan noted Robyn was still in the “yes wife” stage of her relationship where she did everything she could to please her husband. The fan had hope Robyn would eventually get to a place where she was free to live her life the same as Meri.

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Meri fired back at the fan noting she had nothing but love for Robyn. She urged the fan not to worry about her relationship with her husband’s other wives. Meri Brown continued to point out that it was just “everyone else” that hated Robyn. She admits she’s a bit baffled by the hate Robyn receives because she has such a “good heart.”

Katie Joy admitted Meri sticking up for Robyn was amusing because the post had nothing to do with her.

Sister Wives fans toss theories out there

Sister Wives fans in the comments of Katie Joy’s Instagram speculate Meri actually has a bit of a “girl crush” on Robyn. Some, however, speculate Meri Brown is just jealous of Robyn because she basically took Kody away from her. Is Meri jealous of the relationship Robyn has with Kody? Meri did openly admit on this season of Sister Wives that the other wives were welcomed to send Kody her way if they were sick of him. Fans also watched as Meri became extremely giddy whenever Kody spent even small amounts of time with her.

Robyn and Kody Brown - YouTube
Robyn and Kody Brown – YouTube

Here’s what other Sister Wives fans had to say about Meri inserting herself in places intended for Robyn:

  • “Everyone forgets that Meri brought Robyn in to the family!”
  • “I mean, Meri is being sincere – she has always liked Robyn – and her kids. And honestly, Robyn does have a good heart. She might be naive and brainwashed…but I don’t think anything she does is out of manipulation. He husband on the other hand…”
  • “Robyn is going to see how it feels when Kody goes and gets a couple new wives….who can still have kids…and suddenly she is old news.”

Sister Wives fans have pretty mixed feelings when it comes to Robyn Brown. They, however, seem to agree that Meri has a real love for Robyn that she does not seem to have for Janelle and Christine.

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  1. Meri was raised in polygamy and feels a real sense of loyalty to the cult. I pray she overcomes it. Robin was in a bad spot. She was divorced, broke, and all hell fell on the FDL Jessops cult. She needed everything. Kody took her in and the rest of the story. She is a climber. She won’t take second place. She ask Kody to divorce Meri and adopt her kids. She has been using the whole family for a long time. Christine is smart. Run get away as fast as possible.

  2. ;I have wanted to comment on this show for years I THINK COTY IS A POOR EXCUSE FOR A man HE IS GREEDY and SELFISH,IMATURE,CHILDISH .HE NOT ACARING PERSON he is a first class idolt ,and he only thinks of himself and how theese women are trying to wreck his life and how much worry he has grow up and suck it BE AMAN RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LIFE YOU CHOOSE I THINK YOU ARE A POOR HUMAN BEING , I HAVE NO PITY FOR YOU , YOU HAVE TO MUCH FOR YOUR SELF

    1. I agree. He could give a crap about the wives and he constantly says such nasty things… I think Robyn needs to be careful because he is gearing up for some new women!

  3. Meri seems so brainwashed. I wish she would think Robin first was in a marriage with no polygamy. So didn’t had to share husband. And I think she went in this polygamy marriage knowing she was not good to share Kody. And I think Kody and her work on Meri to get a divorce. They both kick her to the side. And it’s been kind the 2 of them. Just think how Meri felt, I guess like a death in the family. That who she was Kody s up wife. And Kody said he did want her because she cheated on him. That man is crazy.First Kody an Robert get reed of Meri in Kody s bed now Christine an the Other wife I think she loss interest in sex with Kody because she did want Kody to push her out so quietly desolve that part I her relay.

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