Kody Brown Admits Withholding Intercourse From Christine?

Kody Brown Credit: YouTube

Season 16 of Sister Wives ended with Kody Brown telling Christine he did not want an intimate with her anymore. Yes, he did not want to end their relationship but that part was off of the table. This was not something Christine could live with and did not want to partake in a half marriage. Therefore, she packed up all of his stuff and told him she was done. Yet, they had been struggling for about twelve years. Next week, the wives and Kody will reunite for one-on-one interviews on a tell-all exclusive. There, the entire marriage and what went wrong will be broken down including why the intimacy stopped.

Kody Brown’s Struggles With His Third Wife

Longtime viewers know that Kody was not immediately attracted to Christine. They were eating nachos on one of their first dates and he was quickly turned off. Still, the two were married and went on to have six children together. She was a very doting wife and admitted she was much like Robyn is now, obedient. Things all changed over time, especially once the family moved to Vegas. Each wife had their own home and made their own rules. There, she found her voice and was able to assert herself.

Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube
Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube

Kody alleged Christine was threatening to leave him all of the time, whenever they had an issue. He, in return, would call her names such as “cry-baby.” Christine admits she knew he was no longer attracted to her but did not think it would come to the point where the intimacy would fully leave. It flashed back to their 2020 anniversary and how it was just a disaster. At that moment, Christine said she would never feel that way again.

Kody and Christine Brown via YouTube
Kody and Christine Brown via YouTube

Kody said she betrayed him by telling people over and over she was leaving thus killing the intimacy. He told her married couples were fine with no romance but that would not work for her. She was also ready to move and was not happy anymore. It was heartbreaking but she knew she did not want him in her bed anymore despite him not thinking she was serious. Finally, the tell-all opens up all the wounds that had started to heal.

Intimacy Be Gone?

In the preview for the upcoming tell-all, the issue of what led to the marital demise comes up, according to The Hollywood Gossip. Christine confirms they are divorced. Then the topic turns to Kody Brown withholding intimacy. He tries to spin it as he did not say they would never be intimate again. However, there were things she had to do to get it back as he mentioned in the season finale.

Kody Brown - YouTube
Kody Brown – YouTube

She had to prove her commitment to being a better sister wife and change her behavior. That apparently did not fly with her because she left the family in November of 2021. At least that was when she released her statement. There is no telling how long they have had an intimate-free marriage but she knew he was with his other wives. The only one he certainly was not having intercourse with was Meri.

What else do you think will come out at the tell-all? Let us know and don’t miss the one-on-one next Sunday on TLC.




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  1. actually it came as no surprise that Kody has loss another wife. lack of intimacy seems like emotional blackmail. If my spouse did not want me in bed, after a few days, that would be a red flag to me. come on Kody stop living in a state of denial. koodoos Christine!

    again, you say the problem to Meri stems to the scam affair she had. however, the signs of her discontent were there for years. why do you think she was crying ssooooooooooo! much on camera. more emotional blackmail with sex being withheld for years. again these are red flags. She has been nothing but patient with you, but how often do you visit her. the Bible says that we show forgive 7×70 times. When are you going to do this.
    Sorry Kody ,but you are a bully

  2. Well, what’s he going to do if the other’s leave him and take their income? He kept them long enough so he doesn’t have to pay child support…… I want a show with Janelle,Christine,and their families, NO Kody,Robyn, or Meri. Unless Meri leaves too!! I don’t want to see them and have them being paid!! But I would definitely watch J&C together raising rheir families as long as no one is supporting Kody and Robyn.

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