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Is Meri Brown A ‘Monster’ Or ‘Loving Sister Wife Mom’?

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Meri Brown is the sister wife who started it all. She was the first legal wife of Kody, subsequently introducing him to his additional three wives. Unfortunately, their marriage has become nothing more than a platonic friendship. In the preview for the upcoming one-on-one Sister Wives tell-all, the relationship between the couple is questioned. Meri’s “affair” is once again a hot topic with the former first wife saying Kody could give up if he wants. Now fans are starting to wonder who Meri really is deep down. Is she truly a devoted loving mother to all of her extended family or is Meri actually the problem?

Meri Brown- Mother To All?

When viewers first met Meri in 2010, she was the only legal wife of Kody. As one of the original three wives, she admitted she had a job but had been let go due to her lifestyle. However, she was also pursuing an education while raising her daughter, Mariah. She would help around the single home she shared with her sister wives, Janelle and Christine as they both had six children each. It was Meri who first connected with Robyn, encouraging Kody to go up and ask her to dance.

Sister Wives Secrets [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
When Robyn entered the family, she easily clicked with Meri. The two had such a tight bond that Robyn offered to be a surrogate for Meri and Kody when they had trouble conceiving naturally. She also helped Robyn heavily with her company, My Sister Wife’s Closet. The biggest sacrifice Meri made was divorcing Kody in 2014 so Robyn could marry him. This way he could legally adopt her three children from a previous marriage. At the same time, Meri and Kody started to struggle. Meri started to seek out an online relationship which led to the catfishing incident and nothing was ever right again.

Sister Wives Meri and Robyn's Daughter

She had a very close bond with Robyn’s youngest children, Ariella and Solomon but her connection to the older children she helped raised was stunted. It even took a while for her to rebuild her fractured relationship with her own daughter, Mariah. She felt she could not trust her mother at all. Yet, when Mariah came out, that was when they had a shift. Since then, they have become incredibly close. Meri has been continuing to preach self-love and positivity yet not everyone has been on board with her.

Positivity and Monster Mama?

Almost daily, Meri Brown posts positive words of encouragement and affirmations. She wants her followers to know they are not alone but that they can keep going forward. Despite her lack of a marriage, she has pushed through and built two successful businesses on her own. However, Meri also has some posts from the past that won’t go away all that quickly. Eleven years ago, Janelle’s daughter Maddie tweeted about Meri and they were completely unkind and now has resurfaced thanks to Reddit.

Credit: Reddit

She referred to her as an “abusive monster” and claimed she had been scared of her for years. Though they had been taken down, they will never truly be erased in the times of the internet. It was especially telling when the wives were sharing their grandma names after Mykelti announced she was pregnant. Everyone had one but Meri. She is still trucking along, recently sharing how she has been focusing on her dreams and her visions.

Meri Brown Credit: Meri Brown IG

Meri credits a good friend of hers who has become a mentor. She claims she has done a lot of soul searching to get to where she is. There is no telling if she has made amends for any poor behavior from her past or if it was brought on by something. What is clear is that Meri seems happier than ever and has no intentions of slowing down.

Do you think Meri is a lover or a fighter? Let us know in the comments and watch Meri Brown on the Sister Wives tell-all Sunday on TLC.


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  1. Meri is a product of her pain and abuse.
    Instead of rising above she turned inward and spewed it out in to others in the form of hate. She made herself and her sister wives and some children miserable. As to Kody this is not why he is not interested in her. He wanted her like that he created that

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