Fredrik Eklund Quits ‘Million Dollar Listing’ After Fan Backlash

Fredrik Eklund

After 11 years on the show, Fredrik Eklund has announced he is quitting Million Dollar Listing. His announcement came after fans of the program called for him to be fired, stating that he was “shady.”

Fredrik Eklund Has Been Losing Popularity

Over time, Eklund has been losing popularity with fans and other individuals on the show. During season 13 of Million Dollar Listing, he switched coasts, moving from New York to Los Angeles. It was immediately evident that Eklund was going to clash with everyone on the L.A. sector of the program. He opened up to ET about the experience in September.

Fredrik Eklund

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“I wouldn’t say anyone was friendly at the time, no,” he said during the Zoom interview. Eklund went on to say that he got into it with just about everyone on the cast on the West Coast. “The only one I didn’t fight with was Flagg. And I love him, like how can you fight with Flagg? I mean, really.” Despite that dynamic on the show, Eklund said that they all really love each other and have great relationships. Other cast members tell a different story though.

After his chat with ET in September, Josh Flagg announced that he would be moving real estate firms. Evidently, Eklund had already spoiled the surprise. When Fredrik commented on Flagg’s Instagram post making the announcement, Flagg told him to “shut up” and made a second follow-up comment calling him a “phony.”After that, fans began to call for Eklund to be removed from the show and there were a lot of tensions continuing to rise on set. Now, Eklund has announced he’s leaving the program entirely.

Fans Seem Happy About Eklund’s Departure

He made the announcement that he would be leaving Million Dollar Listing on January 24 and fans took to Twitter to share their reactions. A few people chimed in saying it was good that he is leaving that show and called him “awful.” Most people weren’t surprised by his announcement either. He’d been rubbing people wrong on the show for too long. Beyond that, many people believe he lost some of his spark when he moved coasts.

In his Instagram post announcing his departure from the show, Eklund said he let all of the producers on the show know how special the last decade has been for him. During that time, he shared some of the most intimate moments of his life with viewers and fans. People saw him get married, suffer through miscarriages, and finally welcome twins into the world. “I will always cherish that shared experience,” he said.

Fredrik Eklund

Credit: Instagram/Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik Eklund didn’t give any hints as to what he will be up to next. It will be interesting to see how his career continues to evolve after his departure from the show. You can still check-in on the rest of the cast of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles on Bravo at 8 p.m. EST on Thursdays.

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