Amy & Michael Halterman’s New House: How Much Did It Cost?

Amy and Michael Halterman purchasing a new home leaves 1000-Lb. Sisters fans with a lot of questions. The biggest question is what is the worth of their new home/how much did it cost? Fortunately, real estate records and house listings are public. So, it isn’t too difficult to track down this information.

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In fact, The Sun recently tracked down an older listing of Amy Halterman’s home. The listing reveals what the home was listed for back in July of 2021. Fans assume Amy Halterman and her husband Michael made an offer based on this listing price because the timeline would line up with when they made the purchase.

Amy and Michael Halterman’s new house: How much did it cost?

According to The Sun, the home Amy and Michael Halterman was listed for $37,000 back in July of 2021. So, fans can assume Amy and Michael paid between $30,000 and $40,000 for the home. Thanks to the show, fans know their new home is roughly 30 minutes away from where they previously lived next door to Tammy Slaton. Their new home is a single-story house. It is 1,584 square feet and it was built in 1960.

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As fans saw on the most recent episode, the home was a red brick exterior with some white trim. The home is exceptionally larger and more spacious than their previous home with three bedrooms and a bathroom. Amy and Michael Halterman’s new home also has a backyard with a single tree. When the backyard isn’t enough, Amy Halterman and Michael can also take Gage to the park nearby.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans know Amy and Michael Halterman did a pretty significant amount of renovating before moving in to get the home ready for their growing family. With Amy and Michael expecting baby #2, the third bedroom will allow them to accommodate another baby without becoming too crowded.

Fans biggest fear at this point is a bigger home and a second child might make it even more difficult for Michael and Amy to keep the space clean. After seeing the condition of things as Amy and Michael moved their things out, fans don’t have high hopes the home organizes inspired any real change.

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What do you think about Michael and Amy Halterman’s new home costing between $30,000 and $40,000? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

Interested in seeing the photos of the inside of Amy Halterman’s new home? You can click here to see a slideshow of the photos over at The Sun.

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