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Amy Halterman Gets Called Out By Sister, Fans Say Lay Off

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If you managed to catch the latest episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters that aired on Monday night, you know that Amy Halterman is keeping a secret from the rest of her family.

This article will contain spoilers from 1000-Lb. Sisters. Read at your own risk!

Amanda accuses Amy Halterman of keeping a pretty big secret

When we last caught up with the family, they were preparing to help Michael and Amy Halterman move into their new home. Once they settled in, Amy’s siblings came to pay her a visit.

Amanda asked to use the bathroom and momentarily left. When she came back out, she called out her sister Amy for keeping a secret from the rest of the family.

Amanda Halterman/TLC

Amanda claimed that Amy left an ovulation kit out on the bathroom counter in plain sight. In other words, it became obvious Amy wanted another baby.

The rest of the family expressed a mix of concern and excitement. Big sister Misty said she wished that Amy waited a little bit longer after her weight loss surgery to have another child. Keep in mind that Dr. Proctor warned Amy she shouldn’t try to get pregnant until two years after her surgery — which didn’t happen since she got pregnant with Gage almost immediately after.

Amy stuck up for herself and said that she didn’t want to wait until she was too old to have another baby. She’s still in her early 30s, so she certainly has time left. But with her health history, she may have more limited time. She also said that she wanted Gage to have a sibling close to him in age like she and Tammy are.

We now know that Amy Halterman is indeed pregnant with her second child and is due in July.

Fans felt bad for the TLC star in the moment

However, a lot of fans really didn’t appreciate how upfront Amanda was about the situation. On fan threads, man expressed concern for Amy and didn’t like that Amanda brought up her business in front of the entire family.

Amy doesn’t have it easy. That family is beyond rough on her. You would think from the way they talk to her that they have their act together,” says one fan on the TLC Instagram page. “They all need a reality check and Amy should move as far away from them as possible. I’m so happy she now almost 4 months pregnant. She said she wants 2, so she can continue her weight loss after the baby and her family will be complete. Congratulations Amy!”

Many other fans echoed similar sentiments.

How do you feel about the situation? Was Amanda in the wrong for calling out Amy in front of everyone? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Amanda was wrong….she need to mine her business…if someone called her out like that she would have been pissed…To me they seems to think that Tammy is Amy’s responsibly…..Amy has her own family just like they have there’s….

  2. Amy is trying to live her life! Yes she should have waited but….who are we to judge!
    The only problem I see with Amy an Mike is that nasty dirty Mattress ! Get a new one!!!!

  3. Amy needs to concentrate on her own life and family. She’s pregnant again and she’s not going to have time to deal with tammy too. Tammy either looks after herself or goes into a facility and stays there….. it’s not up to Amy to look after her anymore.
    Tammy refuses to do anything on her own , she won’t diet, won’t exercise, she can’t even breathe on her own she’s so fat. Time for tammy to grow up and think about her health instead of doing those pathetic tik toks constantly.

  4. Why have they not helped Tammy find out why she eats something in her pass maybe and do they put Tammy down so much and why does her brother have to be in the room with Tammy and the doctor, who will be moving into the place next to Tammy now. Why was Gaga not in the 2ed bedroom is there was 2 bedrooms??

  5. Why have they not helped Tammy find out why she eats something in her pass maybe and why do they put Tammy down so much and why does her brother have to be in the room with Tammy and the doctor and no her personal stuff, who will be moving into the place next to Tammy now. Why was Gaga not in the 2ed bedroom there was 2 bedrooms??

    1. That’s what therapy is for. She went once, was rude, ignorant. Says she’ll never go to therapy again. She lost 60 lbs at a care facility, was suppose to lose 100 but left said she could do it on her own. What does she do starts partying, drinking, makes gawd awful video’s. I don’t feel one bit sorry for her, her family has helped her but burned bridges with all of them. She’s not evening trying to lose weight. She’s gaining. She’s a spoiled brat that needs to grow up and take responsibility for herself.

  6. I think if Amy didn’t want anyone to know or comment on her reproductive decisions, it might have been wise not to invite people to her home and leave the test kit out on the bathroom counter for all to see. If it was an acquaintance that saw it, I wouldn’t expect them to comment, but with close family like siblings, if you don’t want them in your business, don’t leave your business out in the open in a space where you can reasonably expect those people to be. Like the only bathroom.

    1. She maybe forgot it was there it happens to me all the time. There in the middle of moving and having to watch the baby as well her sisters are giving her hell about Tammy. It’s not Amy’s problem anymore she has a family now and it’s time for the other one’s to step up. I feel bad for Michael and his back I’ve had to push a 400lb patient and and 510lb patient I thought I would die. I said never again.

  7. Congratulations to Amy and Michael! Amy is trying to make a better life for herself and her siblings need to butt out of her life. Amanda and Misty need to focus on their own lives, I’m sure they’ve got some issues of their own they need to address!

  8. The whole family is overweight! Amy is a slob with one kid making her tired..two will have her up to 400# quickly by her laziness. Even Michael has gained at least 100#
    None of them should be telling Tammy what to do! The belching and farting from all of them is hoggish. Amy’s house will be a pig stye in a month!

  9. I just wish they would stop calling each other bitches. When I was growing up that was a fighting word. What’s with all the farting it’s not funny just nasty.

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