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Whitney Williams’ Explosive Breakup With ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Star

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Any season of Too Hot To Handle isn’t complete without some drama. And it appears that a contestant from another reality show is here to stir the pot a bit. Whitney Williams of Big Brother fame has a past with one of the Too Hot To Handle Season 3 men. And it appears their relationship was still up in the air when he left to film the show.

You’re going to see some spoilers from Too Hot To Handle Season 3 here, so read at your own risk!

Whitney Williams was in a committed relationship with one Too Hot To Handle contestant

Whitney Williams was a contestant from Big Brother Season 23. And she recently opened up to Us Weekly about her past with Gerrie Labuschagne.

Whitney says she met Gerrie back in 2020. He saw her TikToks and decided to reach out to her.

“I had posted a video being, like, ‘This is why I’m single. I’m an entrepreneur, I have high expectations and I’m a single mom,’” the mother of two told Us Weekly. “He saw that and reached out to me and then we talked — sometimes we would talk on the phone for 12 hours a day or be on FaceTime, like, we would just set the phone down and do chores while we’re on the phone together. We’d fall asleep on the phone together. … Now I feel like it was all bulls—t.”

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Gerrie is originally from South Africa, but played rugby in Japan for most of his time with Whitney. But that didn’t stop the relationship from blossoming into something special. Whitney went on to say that he sent her a ring and proposed.

“He proposed to me in November [2020],” Whitney reported. “We broke up, like, a couple of weeks after that and then he started filming Too Hot to Handle about a month after that.”

Ouch. It’s easy to see why Whitney feels slighted.

Whitney lost contact with Gerrie shortly after their breakup — and was surprised to find out why

Keep in mind that Too Hot To Handle Season 3 contestants thought they were going to be on a reality TV show about partying in paradise. They didn’t realize which show they were on until the first night. Gerrie Labuschagne entered the island mid-season, but also quickly found out what show he was really on.

“After we broke up, he called me on his birthday and he was like, ‘I’m really depressed,’” Whitney continued in her interview. “I thought something was wrong. … I messaged two of his guy friends and they completely ignored my messages, so then I reached out to one of his girl friends that I know and asked her the same thing. She was like, ‘Whitney, I’m so sorry to be the one to tell you this, he’s gone filming that show that he told us all about. I don’t think he’ll be back for another month or so.’”

Gerrie Labuschagne/Instagram

She went on to say that Gerrie tried to reach out again after filming wrapped up in February 2021.

“He was, like, in his bathtub, and he just wrapped up filming and a girl walked in the room, and I heard a girl’s voice and he got this, like, panicked look on his face,” she claimed. “He hung up the phone really quick.”

There’s no telling who the girl on the call was. But if you recall, Gerrie was ready to mix and mingle with the singles on Season 3. He fell hard for fellow contestant Georgia Hassarati, but she wasn’t interested in pursuing something long-term with him.

The Too Hot To Handle star seemingly just tells women what he thinks they want to hear

In hindsight, Whitney Williams feels really cheated.

“He got me. … He said all the things that I wanted to hear because I was a single mom,” she told Us Weekly. “I saw his episode on Too Hot to Handle where he was like, ‘I know how I’m gonna get her attention, this is how I get all the ladies interested in me.’ He’s like, ‘I really want to have a family, I can’t wait to settle down.’ And that’s absolutely what he did with me.”

“I’d been single for four years at that point — my ex left me when I was eight months pregnant. Hearing somebody tell me all these wonderful things in and this, like, extravagant lifestyle and story and, like, these things that we could potentially have together, I just fell for it immediately. I felt like it was love bombing and he was just lying and saying all the right things to get me to be interested in him.”

Are you surprised to hear this new revelation about Gerrie? What do you think about the situation with Whitney Williams? Be sure to let us know in the comments and follow us online for more reality TV news.

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