Which Child Will Be Living In The Roloff Big House?

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On social media this weekend, Matt Roloff gave fans a peek at his current project. He’s working on an irrigation system at the big house. While he doesn’t mention anything about his kids taking over the big house, many fans are starting to wonder who will get it. Has the family revealed who’s getting the big house?

In the comments section of Matt’s new post, Roloff fans are wondering which of his kids will take the house. Some are also weighing in on who they think might take the big house.


Roloff fans wonder who will live in the big house.

One fan writes, “You really should have let Zac & Tori live in the main house. It was set up for Zac & the kids already!. Really need to mend your family!. The Roloff Farm used to be so important to those boys. Before Jeremy finds a new farm of his own or moves away, you should try to see if you can work something out for him to take over the farm. He is definitely a good choice, & has a dream of running it one day with his brothers. That farm belongs with family Matt. Would love to see your 3 sons take over, Sadly that doesn’t seem likely 💔😔”

Someone else adds, “Does anyone know who is going to live in the big house? I was thinking maybe Zach and Tori, but they moved to Washington?”

Plenty of other comments are rolling in about each of the Roloff children. Many think that Zach and Tori deserve the home. But some think Jeremy and Audrey should take it over. Other fans think the house should go to Jacob and Isabel.

Has the family made a decision regarding the big house?

At this point, no decisions have been made public about the house. So, fans will have to wait and see what happens to it. While it makes sense for one of the Roloff kids to get the house, this may not end up happening. Tori and Zach bought a new home in Washington. Jeremy and Audrey previously made an offer on the farm and it was rejected, so they’re searching for a property now.

It’s unclear what Jacob’s plans are. Because Molly is staying out of the public eye, we also don’t know whether she’s interested in the big house.

So, who do you think might end up in the big house? Share your predictions in the comments section below. And, for more news about the Roloff family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I was hoping Zach would take the farm, but no they had to move to Washington. I wonder if he had a disagreement wit Matt? Noow maybe Jeremy will want it who knows.

  2. Zac and Tori are the only ones who showed real interest in the farm. But they got shot down with their offer. Don’t see Jeremy and Audrey getting their hands dirty working on the farm. Then there is Jacob and Isable, don’t see where they have the money and he doesn’t have the ambition to work. So I think Matt should have let Zac and Tori have it. They would have carried on the Roloff tradition.

  3. Think it should be Zach. He is the only kid that has stayed around to help on the farm. Hoping he and his father can come to a agreement. The rest of the kids dont deserve to be on the farm. Zach come back home.

  4. It makes most sense for Zac and Tori to live there because it’s been modified for small persons but they would need everyone involved to be happy with that as a new lifestyle, as well as that they would be giving up owning their own home to live there. Maybe they just all want something different for a while and not feel pressured by anyone .

  5. Well it is already designed to fit Zac and his kids needs. As far as the farm goes it should be split between all the kids that want to be a part of it and continue pumpkin season. I don’t see Molly ever wanting to be a part of it. So it should be split between the three boys and let them carry on the family tradition as a team. Or it needs to be sold totally since Matt has rejected offers from his son’s.

  6. Zac and Tori appreciate family more. Tori would work wonders with her creativety. None of the others seem that involved with family, and nostalgia

  7. Zack seems to appreciate the farm the same way Matt does. It is economically stable and an ideal place to raise a family with a sense of security and with great values. It has all of the features needed the keep the extended family together as it grows. What could be better? G

  8. I agree that Zac and Tori but for the reason the home was built to accommodate little people and Zac’s family most benefits. I think the remainder of the farm should go equally to all the children and if someone doesn’t want a share they don’t have to. I doubt Matt is ready to give up control at this point…but the house shouldn’t be left empty or let strangers rent when one of their kids could greatly benefit!

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