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Tori Roloff Losing Followers In Droves After ‘Controversial’ Comments?

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Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff has stepped out of her comfort zone and gotten “controversial” online. If you follow Tori on social media, you probably know she typically stays neutral. She doesn’t often post about controversial or political topics.

Instead, Tori posts photos of her family and shares updates about what’s going on in their lives. But this weekend, the LPBW star decided it was time to speak out. This may not have gone how she hoped it would, though. As a result, she’s losing followers on Instagram. So, what happened?

Tori Roloff, YouTube

Tori Roloff gets ‘controversial’ on social media.

Over the weekend, both Zach and Tori Roloff shared their stance on face masks. They called themselves “pro-choice.” It all started with Zach sharing an article titled “The Cult of the Masked Schoolchildren.” Tori reposted it on her own stories.

She wrote a longer explanation about her beliefs, too, explaining, “Z and I are not anti mask but we are pro choice. If you believe masks work so well then wear one and you will receive no judgment from us.”

She continued, “However we would expect the same grace be given to others who believe differently.”

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Zach also shared other posts about masking at sporting events and in school.

Little People, Big World fans announce they’ve unfollowed her.

Of course, face masks and Covid are pretty controversial topics, so not everyone agrees with the couple’s statements. Some people dislike Tori and Zach’s posts so much that they have decided to stop following them

On Reddit, Tori Roloff’s Instagram stories were reposted and discussed. While chatting about Tori’s posts, several Reddit users announced that they’re no longer following the LPBW star.

One LPBW fan writes, “Just unfollowed….”

Someone else adds, “SAME. This is so ridiculous. Get ‘pro choice’ out of your mouth when it comes to a pandemic.” Another Reddit user chimes in, “I did the same.”

Yet another one of Tori’s followers writes, “Unfollowed her immediately.”

Someone else explains, “I unfollowed Tori a while ago but just unfollowed Zach too. They live in WA where masks are still required in stores, etc…I wonder if they try to go shopping without them? 🙄”

It’s unclear just how many followers Tori Roloff has lost so far. But many fans are commenting and saying they’ve stopped following her because of the things she’s recently shared online.

So, are you unfollowing Tori Roloff over these “controversial” comments, too? Do you think she will lose a lot more followers on social media as a result? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Roloff family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

Doesn’t work Tori if everyone isn’t wearing masks.. from LittlePeopleBigWorld

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  1. Tori Roloff i thought I knew her but I did not
    The way she made fun at fans was not cool she came across as a nut case. Wearing a mask is put into place to help people stay alive. We are in a pandemic don’t you have any idea what your words did today. We are all struggling some of us have lost love ones do you think we want to be reminded just how many people like you have put our lives in jeopardy. I unfollowed her.

    1. Personally saw Audrey Roloff at target in my area no mask in a store with 100 people all with masks. Should have recorded the scene. Disgusting. Arrogant righteous idiots. Every last one of them.

    2. You having decided to unfollow Tori is, in my opinion, no great loss for her. I agree with her regarding the rights of individuals to decide for themselves whether they choose to wear a mask, and they also have a right to choose on behalf of their children. Masks do not prevent the transfer of any airborne disease, unless you’ve been professionally fitted for an N95, which I’m sure you haven’t. Wearing a mask to “fight Covid” is analogous to putting up a chain link fence in your yard to keep the mosquitos out. I’m very pleased to see Tori and her husband demonstrating common sense on this topic, rather than parroting the uninformed Covid propaganda of the mainstream media. Enjoy your hysteria as a Branch Covidian, and stay home with a bag over your head if you like, but you have no right to dictate to others what their personal health decisions should be.

      1. Yeah, because you’re the expert. Tori and Zac are not exactly the most intelligent people. Zac doesn’t even have a job they both were fortunate enough to land in Reality T.V. money.

        1. I totally agree with you. As if they’re not making enough money on LPBW, Tory hawks stiuffevery day on Instagram. It’s disgusting and really cheapens the brand.
          Wear your damn masks if you are in Target, the grocery store, etc!

  2. I agree with Tori 1000 percent. She didn’t tell anyone not to wear a mask, just to have the same respect that she gives others.

  3. I feel the same way that Tori and Zack feel about the mask. everyone should be able to make their own choices if you want to wear a mask then wear if you don’t want to then don’t.

  4. I am out! I am pro life, period. Shouldn’t have opened your mouth on this one. The show will lose a lot of fans too.

    1. She has every right to voicemail her thoughts on the often controversial say subject. I got the vaccine’s (3 of them) and when in large stores I wear a mask, but that is my choice. I do not think for a moment Tori will loose many fans and those that do choose to stop following her certainly are not looking at her as a whole person. They are judging by a small piece.

  5. As a nurse wear the mask or not but don’t come to the over run ERs and hospitals to save your lives when you can’t breath. We all have choices but with that choice can come serious consequences. Especially if you have health issues.

    1. That’s the very LAST place I would run 🤣 so you could jab me up with disease I already have and intubate me so my lungs fail to function?

      I’ve had both the Delta and the Omni – ironically never got the original strain working 2 essential jobs thru the entire lockdown. Never got sick until people started getting the shot and it mysteriously mutated 🙄

      Both times I just rested, ate clean, and took vitamins. I love elderberry and turmeric. My kids have never even had the flu and were completely asymptomatic both times that I got COVID.

      My husband and I have not masked ever except when forced to. I pulled my kids rather than have them do stupid virtual or mask school and homeschooled. We ate outside every meal. As a nurse, I would hope you would’ve learned about the Spanish Flu and how it was cured (**hint – it WASN’T restricting air flow, staying inside, locking people down, and shutting down parks and walking trails).

      I’d like to compare that to the stupid, paranoid sheep maskers who their disease injected bodies. They’re the ones running to you to save them.

  6. Oh my everyone is judging as usual wow i don’t know why i said that please leave Tori alone she is a wonderful lady,mother an wife an damn good at it i must say she just list a child praise this lady for God sake… Keep up tge good work Tori I love you an your whole damn family

  7. Why is it ok for you the public to voice your opinion on topics but yet think you have a right to say things about other people’s commits on things get a grip America. I think social media should be banned the world would be a better place. Before social media if you had something to say you went on talk radio or the news papers get a life it’s not all about you. If you don’t like what someone says stay off your cell phone and read a book or take a walk and cancel your social media


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