Kody Brown Wants To Keep Robyn But Contemplates New Fresh Wives?

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Things continue to be tense between Kody Brown and his remaining three wives on Sister Wives. While it hasn’t played out on screen yet, fans know Christine left Kody. Now, many wonder if her departure is giving the remaining wives courage to do the same. Everyone also knows that Robyn Brown is Kody’s favorite and she’s not going anywhere. So, while he wants to keep Robyn around will he also get some new, fresh wives to replace the others?

Is Kody Brown wanting to get new Sister Wives?

US Weekly shared information from a source that indicates Kody Brown may be looking to get some new wives. As his relationships with his current wives continue to crumble, he may want to start fresh. The insider shared that Kody doesn’t like that the other wives may want to leave him. The insider said, “He is not happy with the other wives threatening to leave. He’s considering starting fresh with new wives.”

Christine left Kody and is loving life away from the polygamist family. Now, Janelle has also made comments about possibly leaving. In a previous episode of the show, Janelle said, “I’ve had to really think. My children are almost grown and there’s not a huge necessity anymore to stay. It was a wonderful way to raise children.” She continued, “With Kody and I right now, our relationship is pretty strained. And you know, it’s easy to walk away.”

Kody Brown via YouTube

An insider also shared that Janelle was serious about her comments in regards to leaving Kody.

Additionally, the insider said that Kody is starting to ponder whether he’d be better off just getting new wives. They said, “He wants to be with women who can accept the fact that he’s most committed to Robyn and devoting his time to her.”

He won’t be the one to leave

In a previous interview from March 2021, Kody shared that he would not be the one to initiate splits. He said if any of his wives wanted to leave it would be up to them. He doesn’t feel like he has the right to tell them he’s divorcing them. However, Kody believes they can decide to leave him and as fans have seen, Christine did. Kody claims to have told the wives any of them can leave whenever they wanted.

He also claims he had nothing to do with Christine leaving. However, recently it came out that Kody had told Christine he didn’t want an intimate relationship with her anymore. So, she decided enough was enough and left.

Do you think the other wives will follow? Will Kody get new wives?



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  1. Cody’s MO seems to be making his wives miserable so they leave
    I don’t see that he is any prize. He just wants to have multiple partners, their earning potential, and his tv show money. They should all dump him and find a partner who cares about them

  2. Oh my goodness Christine was nothing more then a cry baby !!!! The bond was over because of her ! Her jealousy and selfish behavior she used her children like paws against him !

    1. You said it! 100% true. She has acted like a baby since the show started and now she thinks she’s a princess. Goodbye Christine.

    2. What else could she do once you start looking back over the years of her going into a marriage thinking she would have this two story type of love of a marriage in every level only to end up realizing her marriage was single story.

  3. I figured him out early on. When he was talking about the network he replied “ Oh that’s just a Chick network.” That was followed by one of his hair shakes.

  4. Why in gods earth, do these women not tell him to go eff himself, he thinks he is the head of the family “ bud get a grip” his just worried the wives will leave and his tv days would be over

    1. I agree 100%, now he is getting greedy again, and want’s new wives so that he can dip his wick in a few more places. At his age, are you kidding me, I feel bad for Robyn, who doesn’t leave. She is Kody’s favorite, as she is younger and will obey Kody. Now that Christine has left, I truly hope the other 2 wives leave, and the tv show goes with the 3 wives that left, and follows their lives, ongoing from polygamy to a single life, and how it affects the x-wives, and children that leave with their mothers.

  5. If Meri had a brain she would of left him years ago. Why she is still hanging on is beyond me. I quit watching this show not long after Robyn came on board. You could tell from the beginning that she was out to split up the family and wanted her kids from her 1st husband to be front and centre. She’s a conniving back stabber. Meri is such a cry baby and could do so much better than the likes of Kody. Christine had the guts and courage to walk away. Janelle should follow suit.

  6. Robyn, don’t get any bigger, you need to follow all of Kody’s rules, so don’t stop that, as you will find yourself in the same position, as the other wives found themselves in. Kody will go after younger women, and you will be set aside and will end up like his other wives.

  7. Kody is absolutely gone overboard with the Covid, and only been with Robyn. How convenient is that, for him to make decisions so that he can make changes, to get smaller younger wives. If he wanted to be with the rest of the family he would have, and not to go with his daugther, to her back surgery, is totally unacceptable. That man is sick. Women get rid of him. I do believe that Mari didn’t leave as she still needed the rest of the wives for her family/friends.

  8. Channel TLC Get rid of Kody, and follow the wives, and their new single life.
    They really haven’t known anything else, as Kody married them early in thier lives. What would they do different, and do they miss polygamy?

  9. Meri is probably staying around, to be with the sister wives she doesn’t want to be away from. She has been a part of the sister wives for so long and needs their support.
    Kody is just ignorant and self-centered. Kody is the one who separated the family. He probably brought on his rules that were insane to follow and knew that not all his wives would follow such crazy regulations. He could go to each of the wife’s places, but the wives can’t go to each other’s places. How insane is that? He is insane.

  10. Does Kody believe everything he says? Network follow the women now and how they continue on with their lives. Don’t follow Kody

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