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‘GH’ Alum Ryan Paevey, Director Ron Oliver Knighted By What Tiny Country?

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Hallmark movie fans may wonder why director Ron Oliver calls himself “Sir Ron Oliver,” and Ryan Paevey, “Sir Ryan Paevey.” Is this an inside joke?


The smallest country in the world knighted both the actor and director. Moreover, are you ready to learn more?

Ryan Paevey, Ron Oliver Are Knights Of Sealand

Back on September 6, 2021, Ryan Paevey and Ron Oliver were photographed outside Hollywood’s iconic Magic Castle. The director and actor were dressed to the nines. Normally, Oliver likes to wear tropical shirts but instead was sporting a suit and tie in mostly creams and whites. Meanwhile, Paevey was dressed in all black, including his suit, shirt, and tie. Although he sported a huge smile, his look was dark and provocative.

Ron Oliver wrote on Instagram, “Sir Ronald OMS and Sir Ryan OMS celebrate their respective Knighthoods at The Magic Castle. (No dragons were harmed in the taking of this photograph.) #sirronaldandsirryan #sirronaldoliver #sirryanpaevey #magiccastle #hollywoodknights #hollywood #christmasattheplaza #atimelesschristmas #hallmarkchristmasmovies #knightsofsealand #sealand”

What is the Christmas At The Plaza director referring to? Moreover, where is Sealand?

Turns out, the pair have been knighted by the tiny island of Sealand.

Sir Ron, Sir Ryan Paevey-
Sir Ron, Sir Ryan Paevey-

What Is Sealand?

The tiny country of Sealand gave knighthood to Ryan Paevey and Ron Oliver. According to Oliver’s IMDb, the Picture Perfect Mysteries director was “knighted in 2019 by the sovereign nation of Sealand, and is now referred to as Sir Ronald Robert Oliver OMS.”

There is no date or other information on Ryan Paevey’s knighthood.

According to the Sealand official website, the tiny nation started as an offshore platform built during World War II.  It was an anti-aircraft, gun platform. The structure is only 120 feet by 50 feet. Two hollow concrete legs hold up the structure. Lastly, the platform resembles a giant PI (π) symbol.

Sealand is located just seven nautical miles from the British coast. The closest town is Suffolk. Sealand is located on international waters. Moreover, Sealand had a purpose. The British built this platform as protection. They were looking for German mine-laying aircraft. Many years went by without any sort of change.

However, in the 1960s, the micro-country was occupied by Army Major Paddy Roy Bates. In addition, he called himself His Royal Highness Prince Roy Of Sealand. Although Bates did die in 2012, there have been up to five inhabitants at one time. The Principality of Sealand includes HRH Roy’s family and his friends. Sealand even has its own flag.

However, Roy fought an unsuccessful battle against the British government to make Sealand its own country. However, no country has ever recognized Sealand.


You Can Get Royal Sealand Title Like Ryan Paevey, Ron Oliver

You could have a noble title like Sir Ryan Paevey and Sir Ron Oliver. Sealand’s website offers an array of noble titles from Lord, Lady, Baron, Baroness, Duke or, even Duchess! They even can make you an official Coat of Arms.


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