‘Darcey And Stacey’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap- Jan. 24

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Last time on Darcey and Stacey, Aniko began competing in her pageant. Of course, Darcey was a bit intense and became a pageant mom. At the same time, she shared she had gone to see Georgi in New York but it went further than she had expected. Her friends were not about that so they walked out. Now the couple is attempting to see if they can truly put the pieces back together. Darcey has also proposed Georgi comes with the girls to Miami for the fashion show after he cooked an apology dinner. However, Stacey is completely against this idea. Can they all come together?

Darcey and Stacey Breed Fashion Stars

It is the day of Aniko’s pageant so Georgi is supporting Darcey from the sidelines. He wants to be there as a family yet Darcey reminds him they have no title. Georgi has pageant experience as he worked on them back in Bulgaria. He once organized the biggest one ever. Stacey shows up and she is trying to breathe through Georgi’s presence. He won’t be combative and rather promote peace.

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Grandpa Mike shows up and Stacey brings up she does not feel good about Georgi coming to Miami. He shuts it down because this is all about Aniko. She is so pumped for the pageant as she has worked so hard for this day. When she comes out, Darcey is over the moon proud and Georgi is supportive of both the twins. It is a real bonding moment.

Aniko wins Miss Photogenic. She does not win the pageant but this is a huge confidence builder because she at least won something. Aniko is also beaming since everyone was there to support her. Darcey is reminded that she has two amazing daughters and needs nothing else in her life.

Party Time

Stacey is trying to get Florian excited. A friend is having a Miami-themed party for them at a bar to celebrate them getting into Miami Swim Week. Florian could care less. He hates the clothing she has picked out for him yet she is revved up. She starts to give him a pop quiz and asks how many states there are. Stacey is convinced there are 51 but the producers have to break the news that Puerto Rico is not a state.

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It is a big celebration and everyone will be there yet they do not know Georgi is coming. Not many are happy he is back after all Darcey went through. While Darcey and her daughters go inside to decorate, Georgi pulls Mike aside to have a chat. He admits that he and Darcey have their ups and downs but they are going to counseling and are hopeful it will work. Mike is happy they are taking positive steps in their relationship but like any father, he still worries. He is really concerned about his granddaughters as well, telling Georgi to bond with them.

Mike shares his last wife did not like his kids and that was a big issue. So, he is extra cautious. Darcey meets up with Debbie and Reina at the party. They did not part ways the last time in the best way over Georgi coming back. However, it is all about the twin’s business and celebrating that until Darcey shares Georgi will be attending the party. They act like they are in full support so it should be fine as long as he stays in line.

Miami Prep For Darcey And Stacey

Everyone, including nana, is playing party games and celebrating the fact that the twins are headed to Miami. Debbie and Reina like both Darcey and Georgi as people. They just pray for them to be happy in a relationship because that is all that matters. Now the girls are going to practice their runway walk since they will walk at the end of the show after the models. Following that, the girls share they will be walking down the runway to their single Doing It Big. Aniko calls them “cheugy,” meaning they are out of style and cringy.

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Darcey is going through her stuff at the home since their dad is selling his home to retire comfortably. When the twins were married, they both lived in the home with their husbands and kids. Now, they must get rid of all of the junk from years past. Mike comes in and they share the theme of the Miami event is 11/11. He wants to know what the budget is and they share it is well within. Before, they overindulged, especially when they lived in California. He will not be doing the same thing this time around.

Mike’s biggest concern is Darcey staying focused on the company when she is in a relationship. He is not thrilled Georgi is going to Miami and fears she will get distracted. Over at Stacey’s, she is having Florian wax her legs. He is her personal groomer. His biggest issue is her dressing in a revealing way yet she did not get snatched to hide her body.

Who Is Michael?

As he is grooming her, she mentions a friend of the twins, Michael will be in town. He is a DJ and they will be having a meeting with him. Florian wants to come but Stacey says no. He does not understand as he has never heard of this person and likes to be with Stacey all of the time. She wants him to know she is faithful so he needs to cut the jealousy. It only makes him wax harder and rougher. Darcey and Georgi are having fun packing, forgetting the drama they have endured.

Darcey and Stacey Credit: Darcey Silva IG
Credit: Darcey Silva IG

She points out that Miami is where they met for the first time so she is hopeful they can rekindle that flame. Everyone is getting ready to go, including Aniko and Aspen but Georgi knows this is a make-or-break trip. They have their dad and grandpa but they mean everything to Darcey. The family has landed and they are ready to head to the villa. Florian is still not amused by Miami just yet though Stacey is desperately trying to hype him up.

Georgi is doing his best to impress Stacey so she will impact Darcey as much as possible. Darcey sees what’s happening but she is aware there’s a lot at risk professionally. Next time, they all go on a boat trip giving Darcey’s daughters a chance to ask Georgi the important questions. Additionally, Florian is monitoring Stacey’s happenings where Darcey gets thrown under the bus. Watch an all-new Darcey and Stacey Mondays on TLC.








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