These ‘Amazing Race’ Contestants Lost & Didn’t Completely Tell Fans Why

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Nick Davis

Recently, an Amazing Race team made history by being the first eliminated in their debut leg not once but twice in the same season. This team is Michael & Moe. Their elimination seemingly came as a result of their lackluster attempt at the belt challenge. However, that is not the full story. Their team along with Arun & Natalia are the two teams brought back from elimination. So, being second to last and last place is really no coincidence. Recently, Michael & Moe did an exit interview on Rob Has A Podcast to explain.

A Deceitful Exit

The Amazing Race has several types of challenges. The challenges on Season 33 thus far have all been roadblocks or detours. However, there was one other on this most recent episode that was cut from the edit entirely. The challenge is called speedbump which is typically given to a team that lost a previous non-elimination leg. In this most recent episode, the speedbump challenge went to Michael & Moe and Arun & Natalia. As the first eliminated teams to return to the race, they had to endure that speedbump as a penalty. In a recent exit interview, Michael & Moe spoke about their potential to still be in the race if the speedbump wasn’t there.

“We would’ve been top 4 or 5. Even with the problems we had with the belt. If not for that,” Moe said.

michael and moe speedbump amazing race
Michael & Moe on the unaired speedbump challenge.

It is a strange decision on the editing team’s part to not include that challenge. That challenge is the entire reason two teams, who appeared to be doing well, but both finished in the two last positions. It gives the viewers a false idea of Michael & Moe’s racing ability. After the initial airing of the episode, most thought it was simply proof that the duo couldn’t hack it in the race. The inclusion of the speedbump in the episode would have just made it a sad reality for the first two teams ever brought back from elimination.

“I think, if we would’ve just gotten through that first day, we would’ve been a force to be reckoned with,” Moe said thinking back to what could’ve been.

It is very possible that Michael & Moe could have gone much farther in the race the second time around were it not for the speedbump. It definitely seemed in their short time back like they had a new fire inside them. Sadly, that fire went out too soon. Maybe they’ll be back in the future for another chance to prove themselves as great racers.

The Amazing Race Continues

The race continues with the final six teams. With no more speedbumps holding Arun & Natalia down the question is: Can they finally prove they deserve their revival from elimination? The next episode of The Amazing Race comes out this Wednesday.

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