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Ryan Paevey Fans Will Be Disappointed By Latest Hallmark News

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Ever since Hallmark Hall of Fame director Ron Oliver penned Christmas In London, fans expected a repeat with General Hospital alum, Ryan Paevey.

However, the latest information could be news to Paevey Pack members. What do we know now?

What Is Happening With Hallmark’s Christmas In London?

Hallmark’s Christmas In London is about to start filming in London. Penned by director Ron Oliver, this was going to be the third project between the classic film director and Unleashing Mr. Darcy star, Ryan Paevey.

Back in March, Ron Oliver shared on Instagram, a photo of his computer screen, with a bit of a Christmas movie script. In addition, he tagged Ryan Paevey. Moreover, it takes place in London!

It said, “Sir Ronald apologizes for being incommunicado lately. When his muse strikes, it demands attention. #hallmarkchristmasmovies #inglesideinn #melvynspalmsprings #writersretreat #sirronaldoliver #sirryanpaevey #writersguildofamerica @ryanpaevey”

Everyone expected that Christmas in London would be part of the 2021 lineup. However, that did not happen. Ryan wound up in Coyote Christmas, while Oliver filmed Housewives Of The North Pole for Peacock.

However, in late December, Sleepy Kitty Paw wrote on Twitter, “Christmas In London, delayed Hallmark 2020 title, set to film in early 2022 in the UK with director Jonathan Wright. Ron Oliver had been linked to LONDON as recently as November, so not sure if it’s a different movie, or Oliver wrote but not directing.”

What is the story?

Ryan Paevey-https://www.instagram.com/p/CRfTA30FPrB/
Ryan Paevey-https://www.instagram.com/p/CRfTA30FPrB/

Will Ron Oliver And Ryan Peavey Work Together In London?

Although Sir Ron Oliver and Sir Ryan Paevey have worked together in two movies, Christmas At The Plaza, and A Timeless Christmas, they are not working together in London.

On Saturday, Ron Oliver posted on Instagram, “Sir Ronald’s latest Hallmark screenplay – an homage to Frank Capra’s  “It Happened One Night” – is currently underway in London, England. #hallmarkchristmasmovies #hallmarkmovies #christmasinlondon #meandpaeveyaresittingthisoneout.”

The last hashtag, #meandpaeveyaresittingthisoneout says it all. Neither Ron Oliver nor Ryan Paevey is going to be part of the filming of Christmas In London.

A multitude of fans was upset. Many asked why Ryan and Ron were not part of this Countdown to Christmas movie.

One fan asked, “I don’t understand why Sir Ronald and Ryan Paevey aren’t working on this movie.”

Neither Ryan nor Ron have explained why they are not part of this movie, nor has Hallmark.

Ryan Paevey, Ron Oliver-https://www.instagram.com/p/CVlqpy2PyHa/
Ryan Paevey, Ron Oliver-https://www.instagram.com/p/CVlqpy2PyHa/

What Is Next For Ryan Paevey?

Right now, Ryan Paevey has been sharing two things on social media. The first is his incredible, hand-made jewelry. He finds unusual stones and creates pendants, rings, and other unisex jewelry.

The second is climbing. He has several videos of himself navigating a climbing wall. Could this be for a role? That, we do not know.

What we know is that he is not in any movie in January or Loveuary (February for those who are not comprehending the new Hallmark lingo). Hopefully, Ryan will be filming a new movie soon.

But, for now, he is scheduled to participate in the rescheduled RomaDrama in Palm Beach, Florida. The new date is June 24-26.

However, it is confirmed, he is not in Hallmark’s Christmas In London.

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  1. I’m very disappointed Ryan Peavy will not star in the follow up to the Mr. Darcy movies and I hope you will reconsider. I have the current ones recorded and watch them over and over.

    1. It is always disappointing to have a character played by a certain actor for years and then they are gone. Sometimes no rhyme or reason, but gone. It really just rubs the whole attitude of the show in the familiarity. So hoping that you can reconsider or that he reconsiders. When it comes to it at matching him for years and his other shows.

    2. I just bought Your dual movie of Mr. Darby. I’m a shut in now. So tv is my pass time.
      Life is changing for us senior citizens.Going to miss Ryan.

  2. I, also hope you would reconsider. Most shows that start out with such a talented actor and a show that was just made for only your undying talents. It would be a shame to deprive the world of your talent for the incredible Mr. Darcy! Wouldn’t you think?

  3. I hope you continue to play the role. I just love watching the Hallmark Channel. There is just a few actors I like seeing them and the roles they play.

  4. No one else should be playing Mr Darcey besides Ryan Paevey. As much as I absolutely love Hallmark this would definitely put a strain on our relationship and I would not watch as much. I definitely eouldnt watch someone replacing him at ALL. He is one of the top reasons I wat h Hallmark.

  5. Never change a winning horse. No offence Mr. Paevey, I don’t compare you to any animal, it’s just a saying. But replacing Mr. Darcy by an other actor is a big mistake, which should be reconsidered. Hallmark movies are seen also in other countries than the US or Canada, where other actors may not be so well know and appreciated as Mr. Paevey and so you might loose a certain number of your followers. Think it over !

  6. Ryan Paevey is a wonerful actor, and I’m hoping he’ll be in many more Hallmark movies!.. The Mr Darcey movies were terrific; need more of those sequels!😊

    Actually, he’s great in everything he has played in!!😊

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