Mike Wolfe Flaunts Girlfriend, American Pickers Remains In Shambles [Credit: Mike Wolfe/Instagram]

Mike Wolfe Flaunts Girlfriend, ‘American Pickers’ Remains In Shambles

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American Pickers star Mike Wolfe is showing off his new girlfriend. The reality star has a new look these days. He’s been sporting gray stubble as seen in his latest Instagram posts. Mike made a rare appearance on social media. He stepped out with his girlfriend while meeting Senator Garlan Gudger Jr., who’s a huge fan of the show.

The Alabama State Senator shared on the social media app that he’s a fan of the History Channel series. However, he may be the only one. Amid Mike’s rare appearance with his girlfriend, the ratings continue to decline. Check out the photo for yourself and for more information.

Mike Wolfe was spotted with his girlfriend Leticia Cline

On Saturday, January 22, the politician shared a photo of himself with American Pickers star Mike Wolfe and his girlfriend Leticia Cline. Garlan posed alongside them as he expressed his praise for the show. He described Mike as “the epitome of the icon of American antiques.” Garlan couldn’t stop gushing about how he sure does “love my buddy, Mike.”

The senator also spent “a day in Cullman with my new friend,” referring to Leticia. He claimed that Mike was “about to start his 13th season” with American Pickers. Garlan was obviously starstruck by the sighting.

American Pickers Mike Wolfe Goes Antiquing [Credit: Mike Wolfe/Instagram]
[Credit: Mike Wolfe/Instagram]
“Sure do love my buddy @mikewolfeamericanpicker coming by today and spending a day in Cullman with my new friend @leticiacline !” Garlan wrote. “Mike is the epitome of the icon of American antiques and American Preservation! He is about to start his 13th season at @americanpickers ! We are proud to have in our small town today and to be his host for the day!”

This sighting comes after Mike and Leticia went to explore caves with their friends on a couple’s retreat. Leticia took to her Instagram Stories to share photos and videos of their adventures from an underground cavern. Leticia and Mike went public with their relationship in August 2021. They were spotted near his hometown of Le Claire, Iowa.

American Pickers ratings continue to decline

Garlan’s Instagram post about American Pickers was positive. However, it sounds like he got his seasons crossed. Season 23 premiered on Saturday, January 1. American Pickers fans took to the comment to share their thoughts on the show and the Mike Wolfe sighting:

  • “I love that show!”
  • “Love this show!!!!”
  • “That’s so awesome!”
  • “How fun! Bet it will be a great show!”
  • “Cool. Love his show too!”
  • “This is awesome!!!”

The comments were uplifting amid the backlash. The American Pickers ratings have taken a sharp decline. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, January 15’s episode only attracted 859,000 viewers. This is a sharp decline from the January 8 episode, which held about 1,011,000 viewers.

Episodes that featured fan-favorite host Frank Fritz boasted higher ratings. The March 2020 episode had 1,282,000 viewers. Fans promised to boycott the show after Frank’s firing. Most of them find Mike’s brother Robbie Wolfe too “boring.”

American Pickers Mike Wolfe And His Girlfriend Leticia Cline [Credit: Senator Garlan Gudger Jr/Instagram]
[Credit: Senator Garlan Gudger Jr/Instagram]
What are your thoughts on the new season of American Pickers? Do you think Mike Wolfe is the center of the show? Or, do you think that belongs to Frank Fritz? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on American Pickers.

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  1. What I am curious about is I thought that they owned the shop business together and how has that been dealt with.

    I used to like Mike but after hearing with Frank has to say and the way he is I believe it’s the truth from what I can tell plus it would be easy to prove if it was different than Frank said,they absolutely need Frank for this show

    1. Frank and Mike are both 50 percent of the show which rating have proved. Together they are there best at 150 percent. Apart they are less then 100 percent. Without Frank rating will keep dropping. Mike needs to apologize to Frank

    2. I think the show used to be pretty good. Till it became SCRIPTED, MIKE AND FRANK began to fight and bicker on screen.
      Even if Frank cam back I wouldn’t watch it again. Their time has come and gone.

      1. Won’t watch. No Bearded Charmer. No American Pickers. No Edd China, no Wheeler Dealers! No Aaron Kaufman, no Fast N’ Loud. Greedy People aren’t worth watching!

    3. Get over yourselves. Mike is da man and frank was his buddy but stuff happens. Jersey is better but robbie is solid too. Main thing is the folks they pick and THEIR stories and stuff. Frank has some issues and would like to see him but AP has no equal on TV and will watch as long as it’s on.

      This writer is the one pushing this frank silliness. Let it go

    4. When I found that Frank I left the show, I didn’t know the circumstances, but I quit watching because I rather enjoyed him. I won’t go back to watching the show.

    5. Why would the show force Frank even if someone has a sub abuse problem Frank is the brains of the show we will not watch the show if Frank is not on thats a fact

    6. Frank never owned the shop or had anything to do with Mike’s businesses. He was an old schoolmate of Mike’s that got cast to be on the show because producers wanted Mike to have a sidekick. You’ll notice Frank rarely bought much on most episodes. Sometimes he would break out and buy a motorcycle or some toys, but overall not that much. From most reports, Franks had alcohol problems, other health issues, and generally was a pain in the arse throughout the later seasons. He was arrested and had a DUI that was embarrassing to the show, and had to have special accomodations while on the road that I’m sure became a production issue. He missed a season due to back issues and the show never missed a beat while he was gone. Personally, I like it better with Jersey John and Robbie…they actually know things about what they are picking. Frank was never 50% of the show. Mike pitched the show to networks for years before finally getting picked up by the History Channel. He owns both of the stores. He owns the auto shop that fixes up the cars. He owns the whole thing. Frank makes plenty of money on the reruns, so don’t worry about Frank other than if he falls back into his old ways.

    1. Mike admit to yourself you did Frank wrong. The show just isn’t the same without the bearded charmer. Take your ass over there and fix this for the fans sake. Remember friends since the eighth grade!!

    2. I agree. I quit watching the show a year ago now since Frank was FIRED! They really screwed up taking Frank off the show. It doesn’t matter that he has back issues or whatever, he was fired at a time when he needed the support from both the show and his “supposed” best friend Mike. Mike is arrogant and uninteresting, whereas Frank was the brains and the funny man of the show. Good luck to Frank!

  2. I don’t watch American Pickers anymore. The Show is NOT the same without Frank. I like Robby but NOT as a replacement to Frank. I think the show should bring back FRANK 🇺🇸👏🏻🇺🇸

  3. American Pickers to me has always been about Mike & Frank as a team. They had such great chemistry together. I really miss Frank being on the show. It’s just not the same without him.

  4. I love American Pickers. Robbie is not boring at all. Mike Wolfe is as good as ever. Stop posting how low his ratings are. I liked Frank, but Mike is the main star of the show from the beginning.

    1. Mike admit to yourself you did Frank wrong. The show just isn’t the same without the bearded charmer. Take your ass over there and fix this for the fans sake. Remember friends since the eighth grade!!

  5. I agree “The show is NOT the same without Frank.” But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s just a little different. Do you guys abandon everyone on your favorite sports team if a talented & well known player is traded? I don’t. Look at the big picture – the premise of the show is basically the same. I’m not saying Laurel and Hardy could do the show, but there are many people that are compatible with Mike.

  6. The American pickers show will never be the same without Frank. I think it was a shame that Frank was fired and he should be back with the show now

  7. Moving the show to a different time and day is what makes it hard to find. Thankfully my DVR can find it. Liked Frank, but Mike and Danielle are the core favorites of mine. Sorry for Frank’s struggles but can’t stop the show because of him.

  8. Frank might not have been the Star of the show*(use that lightly)* but, at least he wasn’t a little Weasel, and ALWAYS! Putting Frank down about his weight, and whatever else he could come up with his driving. Ect…I can’t believe that Frank Lasted as long as he did. I “Hope” the show is OVER and it shows Mike, (he’s Not God). *Best Luck too you Frank*

  9. Big fan of the show , watching from the beginning. The shows without Frank are a major downgrade. The chemistry between Mike and Frank really carried the show. The whole situation has got out of hand . Hope somebody wakes up and reconsiders signing Frank and moving forward. Nothing succeeds like success. Like Frank says “work smart not hard!”

  10. Frank made the show. Without Frank the easy fun loving toy collector that was easy to talk to and get behind I will not be watching anymore. The new guy is boring and personality is terrible.

  11. I love the show, always thought that Frank was too cheap, always trying to get over. The show don’t need him. Mike, Danielle, and Robby are good for me.

  12. Show is lame. Its all staged. I agree Robbie is boring. I quit watching after Frank left. Maybe its time to shut it down. The show had a good run but I think its over.

  13. It was always a fake show. They try and make it seem spontaneous and real, but 99% of their pics are pre planned and staged, including the prices they claim to pay for things. They were real pickers the first few Seasons, but after that it all became staged. The History Channel pays them enough so that they don’t really need to actually pick for a living anymore, and all the phone calls from Danielle and the so called free style picking is completely staged.

    1. The show needs Frank back. Show’s not the same without him. He attracted a lot of viewers, and the show will keep losing viewers without Frank!!

  14. The show trashed the industry. People all think the trash bn is gold now which just messed with the customer buyer experience. I’m sure they are nice people but the became arrogant.
    History channel is following the demise with the constant repeated shows and duplicated channels same show diff. Channel. Mike should get a stand at the flea market and fade away…..problem with frank could have been handled diff. …….perhaps standing by their friends and partners.power at with robie screams of nepotism. And American are sick of it.

  15. The show is great and Mike is the reason and nobody gives a rat’s ass where Frank is ! Robbie has every bit as much personality as Frank and then some. get over it ! Danny is a superstar !

  16. This was a case of blood being thicker than water. Mike replaced Frank with his brother. Nepotism at it’s best.

    Frank was mistreated and the show sucks without him.

  17. Yeah I like Frank but he’s got to be one of the cheapest persons in this world no wonder he never has a girlfriends he won’t spend any money on them he brags about giving them leftover pizzas

  18. I don’t watch anymore, especially due to the fact the way Mike treated Frank. The reason American Pickers got where they are is because of Mike AND Frank, not just Mike. I like Robbie when he substituted for Frank but it’s not the same. Let’s face it, it’s time to move on. Sorry Mike but your ego killed the show. My opinion.

  19. My mom use to watch this show for many years before she passed from internal cancer. She loved watching the original cast in the show. I watched it with her so, it is a tradition. Both cast made it the show with out Frank it just bllaaaaa. Have a good down to earth show that shows different worlds on this earth in good nature. Why change it.

  20. If what Frank says is true and he was “kicked to the curb”, how very sad. Loss of friendship, loss of professional status and not fully recovered. A true triple whammy. Nobody needs a toxic, one sided relationship but sadly, who knows if it’s all true. Mike left another relationship also involving a minor. Hmmmm.

  21. I’m not surprised at Bob Saget’s sudden passing. I’ve seen his act, he’s been a very sick man for a long time.

  22. I have absolutely no desire to watch the show without Frank. Previous to Frank’s firing I had watched the show regularly for several years but not once since.

  23. I think the main reason for the ratings decline is the switch to a new night. I love the show and like it with or without Frank. Havent seen any of the new season episodes because Saturday is a bad night for watching tv. Also had a friend that had Mike and Frank pick their place. According to him, Mike was very friendly and took an interest in them offscreen but Frank wanted nothing to with them when the camera wasnt rolling so I dont take much stock in Frank’s version of things.

  24. Just like everything else on TV that someone noted previously, the spots and the picks are staged. What brings the show to life are the personalities that blend it together. I don’t mind Rob. He gets crapped on by his younger brother in the show which I’m not too fond of. He did the same thing to Frank and look what happened there. Danielle? Don’t care for her at all. She never brought anything to the show that was worth anything. Way too much time is focused on her. For those of you that think getting rid of Fritz was a good thing, I totally disagree. His role on the show and his fondness for toys, rock music, and “smalls” was always fun to watch. Is he missed? Absolutely. The ratings clearly showcase that. The real killer to the show, however, is Mike. His ruptured relationship with Frank and his wife shows how much success has gone to his head. His flaunting of his present girl friend isn’t helping either. Worse yet, the mere fact that people like myself found out that he had four houses and a multitude of businesses besides Antique Archeology while nickle and diming people on the screen makes his persona even worse. I think I also read that he has another daughter in his life that he never spoke about, this coming from a “family man” as depicted by the shows producers. It speaks to the man itself. Now, he’s simply shunned his friend of twenty plus years who is an admitted alcoholic with a painful back, just show cases how much of scumbag he truly is. One has to credit Mike for catching the American dream, bringing himself up through troubled times and being who he is now. That, however, doesn’t excuse him of being a louse to the people that should be close to him. I’ve seen the show from the beginning and admittedly, I still watch it. It isn’t as funny and humouous as it was previously because the main personality (Frank) has been gutted from the show. Honestly, I’d take great enjoyment if the show got canceled and we never heard from Mike again. My opinion will only change if they do what’s right: Bring back the guy who helped make it what it was (i.e. Frank). Better yet, I hope History Channel comes up with a new show called “Fritz’s Finds” and have a show centered around him. Any takers that the ratings would be a Helleva better than American Pickers?

  25. One of the things I don’t understand is how Mike is a millionaire and Frank is broke. The show is different without Frank and I haven’t watched it since and I seen a whole lot of different things posted about Mike and his different life it seems to me like he is a traitor

  26. I find Frank to be petti and the one with the swelled head. He thought the show could not go on without him, yet it did and does. Mike and Danielle aren’t the ones that started pouting with their smear campaign. That was Frank!! That’s a sure sign of jealousy and you can tell was all done because he was pouting, because the show could go on. But look he got reaction he wanted as can tell with some of you. Probably Biden supporters too

  27. Don’t really care for Frank, Mike is the star and Danny D , I always will watch American pickers it’s a very interesting show and shows are American culture and past…. I am sure the rating are not declining….

  28. I don’t like the show wirhout Frank and I was a loyal watcher and fan of the show when Frank was on. I watch the repeats wirh Frank, but don’t watch the shows without Frank.

  29. Mike is an arrogant showboater who loves to hear himself talk and takes control of every situation. Frank has had his problems but who doesn’t. Mike also has his own problems to deal with. Im glad mikes wife divorced him! He brought it on himself. Go Frank with whatever your next journey in life takes you to! GOD BLESS YOU FRANK!

  30. Not the same without Frank
    I stopped watching when Frank got kicked out.
    By the way the Nashville store isn’t worth going out of your way for.

  31. I think the show is about Mike and Frank I think that they need to bring Frank back on the show and I think Mike needs to get off of his high horse

  32. This show is nothing but lies and I used to watch until the truth came out about everything they do before filming an episode….it’s all a lie and I don’t watch it anymore because of it’s not true !!!!!!!

  33. Couldn’t stand frank from the beginning. Was always a whiner, thought more of himself than anyone else. In my opinion, no class. Of late, blaming his troubles on Mike shows me he’s a little man.

  34. I’ve watched the show for many years and love it. I don’t miss Frank at all!!! Sorry but he’s as tight as bark on a tree and pretty dumb. Except when it comes to toys. Crystal when he can’t buy a Vet or some Harleys. Boo Hoo!!!! Your not worthy Frank

  35. I wont watch anymore. Robbie is boring, Jersey isnt relatable…..Frank is missed! I never liked Danielle and after reading interviews after this Mike/Frank fallout, I like her even less, her ego is entirely out of control. I think they thought Frank wouldnt be missed….Im super glad the ratings have reflected otherwise.

  36. THE GIRLFRIEND CHEATED WITH HIM…. SHE’S GOING TO CHEAT ON HIM… Looks like it already started. P.S. Love Robbie! Did you notice that he asked Frank to be the Godfather of his kids and not Mike??

  37. Still like and support show. Like everyone on show.have no problem at all with Robbie. Like him wish Frank still there but stuff happens. Hope that this relationship is healed.do not want show to go away.

  38. “Was” a fan of the show. Never really cared for Mike much as I’m a pretty good judge of character. ( Mike = arrogant + obnoxious). Fired the bearded charmer, the #2 guy (& my fave) on the show, Left his wife for a Hollywood model/actress. Way to go Mike ! There’s no denying the fact that American Pickers ratings are starting to tank. Mike, your about to be circling the drain my friend. Fans don’t care what the issues are. The fact is.. No Frank, no Pickers!

  39. Robbie is arrogant, condescending, and not likable. Very bad replacement for Frank. So long American Pickers.

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