Meri Brown Glowing During Solo California Vacation [Screenshot | TLC]

Meri Brown Glowing During Solo California Vacation

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown looked happy and carefree during her trip to California. She reportedly denied Kody Brown from her 51st celebration. The reality star wanted to focus on herself. Meri then traveled to California for a special LulaRoe training event. Fans don’t understand why Meri remains committed to the clothing company after its string of controversies, but she makes a lot of money from the team she’s built up.

Meri Brown is a very committed woman. She’s still with Kody Brown to this day, even with their marital issues. However, some fans couldn’t help but notice how much she glowed during her trip. The Sister Wives star couldn’t stop smiling at the LulaRoe event as she was away from her spiritual husband.

Meri Brown couldn’t stop smiling at the LulaRoe event

Meri Brown has been sharing her travels on her Instagram Stories. In one of them, she hashtagged the brand. She hung out at the outdoor event, which featured people in the background and twinkling lights. The television star wore a denim jacket, which she paired with a blue hooded sweatshirt.

The TLC star couldn’t stop smiling at the training event. Even though it was about work, Meri looked like she was enjoying herself. She took fans inside the training event, which took place underneath oak trees that were adorned with beautiful lights. Meri and her fellow entrepreneurs enjoyed tacos while training for the online fashion outlet, which unveiled its latest collection.

Meri Brown Smiling And Glowing [Credit: Meri Brown/Instagram]
[Credit: Meri Brown/Instagram]
Meri Brown and Kody’s ex-wife Christine Brown still work with LulaRoe. Both ladies promote the clothing and accessories on their respective Instagram accounts. This comes just months after Meri and Christine were accused of “scamming fans” by working with the brand. The backlash came on the heels of the docuseries that came out on Amazon Video titled LulaRich.

More people took to social media to express their disdain for the clothing brand. Despite the controversy, the Sister Wives stars model the clothes and promote them on social media using hashtags. Fans think the reality stars should leave the brand behind. But, it’s no secret that Kody’s gals love to promote MLM products rather than starting their own business.

Is she the next to leave Kody Brown?

Some fans wonder if Meri Brown is the next to leave Kody. Meri doesn’t like where their relationship went. Kody said that he considers her a friend rather than a wife. He has no interest in kissing her. Meri feels like the outsider of the family since the other wives are closer to him.

This sighting comes after Sister Wives fans thought that Meri Brown was “drunk” in her recent “Fridays with Friends” Instagram video. They think that she drinks too much. Meri just wanted to celebrate her 51st birthday party without Kody around. Some wonder if she will be the next to leave the Brown family.

Meri Brown Glowing At LulaRoe Event [Credit: Meri Brown/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Meri Brown/Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Meri Brown was glowing at the LulaRoe event? Do you think she’ll ever leave Kody? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Janelle is not stupid, when/if Cody pushes hard enough, she’ll leave… However, before she leaves, she has to consider her part in the land and hopefully Christine will do the same. Don’t just hand it over to Cody, it’s worth a lot and you both should have the land or the money. Meri is the one that amazes me, why on earth would she even want to stay, he’s done her so dirty. All of this started with Robyn moving in with her bucket of tears, she and Coty deserve each other, and the remainder of the family will be better off without Cody acting like he’s a ruler. Don’t know if Robyn intentionally caused a separation with Cody and his other 3 wives but I think she did and one more thing Robyn, learn to draw your eyebrows, you look like a clown and it’s difficult to focus on the show, looking at that mess.

  2. I’ve been watching Sister Wives since it’s debut and I’ve come to the following conclusion, Kodi Brown is an egotistical, narcissist, jerk, who uses polygamy so that he can bed more than one woman at at time! When they grow old and need a caring partner, he moves on and looks for a younger wife, hence, his marriage to Robyn. Getting these woman pregnant and having a boatload of children is just his way of confirming his manhood. Meri is much to bright and beautiful to continue a life with him but I understand that this has been her family for over 30 years and to leave would be to endanger her connection with the rest of the family. Christine is just now finding out what Meri has been going through for years. If she is not longer useful for breeding purposes, then he’s just not that interested in maintaining a physical relationship with her. Janelle is smart enough to know her life doesn’t depend on him, and he can’t handle her independence. When a woman reaches the age, when her children no longer need her, she needs a life where her husband fills that void. Kodi Brown either doesn’t understand that or doesn’t really care, it’s his way or the highway! I kept hearing him say he’s being disrespected by his wives, when in reality he doesn’t respect them, nor does he have understanding or compassion for what they are going through. He is the one who has destroyed his family, he is the one that has pitted his wives against each other and I don’t blame any of the them for moving on and finding happiness with someone who really cares about them. Any woman would want that. The sorrow of this situation is the children. Those that are still at home need a father who gives them love and attention. The older ones seem to have distanced themselves from this circus. I am curious enough to want to know what happens to this family, but realistic enough to know these marriages and this show is headed for cancellation!!

  3. Kody is a spoiled brat. Christine is the best and strongest wife he had. Janelle is also a strong women and I don’t think she’s gonna take his crap much longer. Meri… GEEZ take the not so subtle hint. You’re better then this. He treats you like shit and you googoo and gaga over him? Yuck! Leave him to Sobbin Robyn. They deserve each other in their paranoid state of bliss. I feel bad for those kids. Talk about a helicopter Mom… Let them breath already.. come on Ladies you know who the favorite is. Move ON!!!!!

  4. I love some of the comments I have read. I just watched the last two episodes since not watching this show for years. I was shocked at how bad Kody is treating his first 3 wives and Janelle’s and Christine’s kids. Just beyond words truthfully, such a huge change in how he acts with his family. Pretty much shouldn’t be called Sister Wives anymore since Kody is living a sleeping with 1 wife. A traditional marriage is what I see. Feel so sorry for Christine who by the way is beautiful and brave. Meri is beautiful too and needs to see a therapist so she can get help. She needs to realize that getting divorced doesn’t mean you lose your family. Janelle hopefully watching how Kody treated your sons and you has opened your eyes. Robyn is not the winner in this because she will lose one day too. Kody is to much a narcissist to stop taking wives and having children. The youngest one is growing up. I really hope this show gets canceled so the children can live in peace and not be embarrassed by there family.

    1. I think Kody will have a difficult time finding young wives now. Times have really changed since he began his plural marriages. He is older and looks like he has been rode hard and put up wet. He doesn’t have the sex appeal that he had as a young man plus when the current 3 wives leave his money is going to be very tight. The dynamic in the family that he has with Robin is strange to me. The 5 year old acts more like a 2 year old. Why are none of the older children working. Robin’s older son looks like he may be mentally challenged. The only good thing that has come from this show is that Jannelle’s and Christine’s children have learned that plural marriages do not work and I wonder how many actually endorse the religion that Kody has.

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