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Duggar Fans Demand Receipts From Amy King, What Did Katie Joy Say?

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Over the weekend, Duggar fans witnessed some drama between Amy King and Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball. However, some fans aren’t caught up on what went down between the two of them and are interested in hearing every side of the story.

Duggar Cousin Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram

In case you don’t already know, Amy is the daughter of Deanna Duggar. Deanna is Jim Bob Duggar‘s sister. Katie Joy is a blogger and YouTuber who often posts about the Counting On family.

Now, however, Amy is saying that Katie Joy posted something very accusatory about Deanna. In a tweet, the Duggar cousin called out the blogger and was very unhappy that she would say anything negative about her mom.

Amy even doubled down on her comment by sharing a post about her mother on Instagram, praising her for being such a “good mom.”

But fans are wondering what actually happened.

Duggar fans ask Amy King for more proof.

In the comments section of Amy’s latest Instagram post, one of her followers asked, “I haven’t seen where Katie Joy has attacked your mom in any way. What are you talking about?” 

Others are chiming in, pointing out that they haven’t seen anything negative about Deanna on Katie Joy’s page. One writes, “I love following KJ and applaud her for bringing insight to the IBLP. As long as I’ve followed I’ve never seen anything negative written or spoken about Amy or her mom.”

Yet another chimes in, writing, “I think a lot of us are curious to know what Katie Joy said about your mom. Thanks for sharing the pics though. You both look beautiful!”

So far, Amy King hasn’t replied to these messages or made a follow-up post with the receipts that fans are looking for. So, we’ll have to wait and see if she adds to the discussion. As we previously reported, Katie Joy has claimed that she never accused Deanna of anything.

Katie Joy Without A Crystal Ball
Katie Joy Without A Crystal Ball Youtube


But her tweet sure seems to get her point across that she’s not happy about what Katie Joy posted. It’s unclear what’s next with the Amy and Katie drama.

So, are you keeping up with all of the drama between Amy King and Katie Joy? Do you think Duggar fans will get more details than have already been shared? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For the latest news on your favorite TLC shows, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Why aren’t you telling what really happened? Nearly every reply under Amy’s tweets tells you exactly what happened. Katie Joy is a loose cannon that speculates about others for a living while claiming it as fact. She exploits children daily. Just today she is going after the KKK! Do you really want to give her more attention? Do you take no pride in your work? Go look at my channel on YouTube and you can see her behavior. Better yet go to WOACB vs WOACB on YouTube. You will see exactly who KJ is.

    Allegedly * IMHO * also, it’s probably why she keeps getting lawsuits served against her!!

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