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These ‘Survivor’ Players Feel Cheated And Deserve Another Shot

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Nick Davis

Survivor is a game that can only have 1 winner. This leaves many players feeling unsatisfied with their experience. Add in the game’s unexpected, and sometimes controversial twists and some players feel downright cheated. Not every fan agrees with players who feel the results of their game are unfair. Sometimes players just deflect taking personal responsibility for their game. It’s an understandable and very human form of denial. But there are several cases where fans and players agree that what happened was just plain out of line. So let’s take a look at some players who deserve a new shot.

Cirie Fields

Cirie has played the game 4 different times now. That puts her up there with legendary players like Boston Rob and Sandra Diaz-Twine as someone who has played the game more than almost anybody else. On Cirie’s 4th attempt, Survivor: Game Changers, she was in a really great position. Set up at final 6 to go all the way to the end having received not a single vote the entire season. And that’s the way it remains. As a result of an offensively large string of advantage plays, Cirie was eliminated by default for being the only one without an immunity idol or an advantage. That is the only time in Survivor history a person has been eliminated on a technicality like that. And for fans, it illustrates how poorly the game is handling advantages nowadays.

Sydney Segal

Speaking of poorly handled advantages, Sydney from Survivor 41 is the most recent example of this. She was taken out of her season after winning the immunity challenge. Yes, an advantage from Erika allowed the results of the immunity challenge to be reversed. So that means the group that won immunity suddenly lost it and vice versa. Sydney had a great alliance going into the merge and should have had a much better chance in the game. But, it was taken from her by one of the most controversial advantages in the history of the game.

Jonathan Libby & Wanda Shirk

Imagine the fortune of learning you’re going to play Survivor. Flying all the way out to Palau on the other side of the world. And then immediately turning around and going home without even spending a single night on the island. That’s what happened to Jonathan Libby after one of the saddest twists in the history of the game. The twist took place in Season 10, Survivor: Palau. At the start, the 20 contestants must have a schoolyard pick. One by one they pick each person for the two tribes. Then, the last two with no tribe are out immediately. Tribeless and with no time spent in the game whatsoever. Jonathan and Wanda never got to show the world what they could do. And 17 years later they still are waiting on another chance.

jonathan libby survivor palau
Jonathan Libby, first eliminated in ‘Survivor: Palau’

Who would you like to see get a second chance on Survivor? Let us know in the comments below.

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