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Katie Thurston Opens Up About Mental Health Struggle After ‘Bachelorette’

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In a vulnerable Instagram post, Katie Thurston opens up about her mental health struggles after appearing on The Bachelorette. Keep reading for all the details.

‘The old Katie is dead’

Katie Thurston took to her Instagram account over the weekend to share a vulnerable reminder about how mental health matters. She begins the post by recounting how a producer told her “the old Katie was dead.”

“The new Katie will rise from the ashes,” the producer’s text message said. While the sentiment was meant to build her up, the reality star revealed how true the first statement was.

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Katie Thurston/Credit: Katie Thurston Instagram

The Katie she used to know no longer existed when she looked in the mirror. “The sparks I once felt for life were doused with the judgement [sic] and criticism of not only strangers,” she wrote on Instagram.

Katie Thurston opens up about mental health struggles after The Bachelorette

While Katie Thurston was a fan-favorite during The Bachelor, things went south for her popularity during The Bachelorette. In her Instagram post, she recalled going on antidepressants before her season started airing.

I thought I knew what to expect. I didn’t. I thought I was strong enough to handle the negativity. I wasn’t,” – Katie Thurston, Instagram.

Her engagement to final rose pick Blake Moynes ended a few months after the proposal aired on TV. Shortly afterward, she announced a new relationship with former contestant John Hersey.

The two recently went on vacation to Cabo, Mexico. Fan reception to her new romance has been mixed.

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Katie Thurston and John Hersey/Credit: Katie Thurston Instagram

How she got through it

Katie Thurston also shared insight into how she got through the tough moments following her appearance on The Bachelorette. The social media influencer credits Hersey with helping her, noting that he had her social media password to help limit her screen time.

Furthermore, she started blocking the hate, literally. Thurston said she blocked users in “the most literal sense.”

The Bachelor Nation alum gives a shout-out to her positive followers. “And for those complete strangers who write positive DMs and comments, I want you to know. I see them. I feel them. And there were times I even needed them. So thank you.”

She ended the lengthy post by reminding her followers to “reconsider” before sending negative comments or DMs.

You’d be amazed on the impact putting positivity into the universe will have on your own life. Stay kind,” she advised.

Katie Thurston Instagram post/Credit: Katie Thurston Instagram

Does it surprise you that Katie Thurston had mental health struggles after her season of The Bachelorette? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Katie Thurston. You are the cutest woman ever to grace the show. You drove me insane.w/ desire and fantasy. I have been a fan ever since. I wish nothing but the vary best and happiness the rest of your life I actually love you and It angers me to hear the crazy jealous religious and lesbian, freaks that want to make your life as depressing as there’s. Their million of them.thanke again for making my life better.

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