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Are We Getting A ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 4?

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The third season of Netflix’s hottest reality dating show just dropped. But now fans want to know: when are we getting Too Hot To Handle Season 4?

This article will contain some spoilers from the show’s third season. If you haven’t finished it yet, proceed with caution!

Season 3 is out now, so what about Too Hot To Handle Season 4?

Netflix revealed they filmed Too Hot To Handle Seasons 2 and 3 back to back. As soon as the Season 2 contestants left the resort, the Season 3 contestants filed in. They managed to lure in the superficial singles by telling them they were appearing on a fake reality TV centered on pleasure

However, Pleasure Island doesn’t exist. It’s just a front for Too Hot To Handle, which is revealed to the contestants at the end of the first night. This ruse worked on these rounds of contestants, but now the public knows how Netflix lures people in. The network will have to shake things up to get contestants if they want to have Too Hot To Handle Season 4.

The Netflix show is definitely popular, but the platform hasn’t yet renewed the series for Season 4. Keep in mind that Season 3 just dropped within the last week, so they might be waiting to see how well the season performs.

Since there isn’t a renewal, there hasn’t been casting or filming yet. As a result, viewers shouldn’t expect a new season anytime in 2022.

So what happened to the rest of the Season 3 contestants?

We won’t know more about Too Hot To Handle Season 4 for quite some time, but many fans are still interested to know what happened to the rest of the Season 3 contestants.

We reported earlier this week that it isn’t known if Holly and Nathan are still together. However, it does appear that the couple are still a hot item. They came from different countries, but Nathan made it clear he would never let distance get in the way of a good time.

We aren’t quite sure if Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson are still together as of 2022, but they did continue to date once they left the resort. Unfortunately, they were involved in a scandal involving alcohol on their flights home. They were arrested when they got off the plane. It didn’t paint the couple in the best light, but hopefully they learned their lesson.

Beaux Raymond/Instagram

Neither couple posts much about their relationship status on their social media pages. However, this could be because of an agreement with Netflix. Once Season 3 has been out for a while, it’s possible they’ll start to post more.

Are you excited about the prospect of Too Hot To Handle Season 4? Did you enjoy Season 3? Be sure to let us know what you’re thinking in the comments.

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