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‘Love After Lockup’ The SHOCKING Truth About Angela & Tony’s Breakup

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Former Love After Lockup stars Angela Gail and Tony Wood have had quite the ride. Over the summer, Angela accused her husband of being unfaithful. It made its way to social media and now it appears the two have officially ended their union. Both Gail and Wood are sharing what went wrong from their perspectives. However, Angela admits it will have to be Tony who finally pulls the plug on the marriage.

Angela and Tony Find Love After Lockup

Their love story began in Season 1 of the series though they did not officially get to meet in person until Season 2. Angela was so in love with her cub of a lover that she kept him satisfied financially until his release. Yet, their romance experienced some serious highs and lows the moment he left prison. Angela could not find it in her heart to trust her man. She consistently accused Tony of cheating on her with prostitutes.

Love After Lockup Credit: Angela Gail IG

In all fairness, he did have curious text messages on his phone that would make any woman wonder. When they would fight, Angela would simply phone these women and offer up Tony. She would say he could stay with them to get him out of her hair. Ultimately, the two put it behind them and tied the knot on the Love After Lockup spinoff, Life After Lockup.

It sadly did not change much and the couple was back at square one daily. Last August, Angela caught Tony cheating on her when he bailed. Then a picture of him with another woman surfaced on Reddit.  She claimed she had seen the texts between the two and was done. Now, the couple is setting the record straight as to what went wrong and where they stand.

What Went Wrong?

The former couple shared an update on the Love After Lockup Instagram page and further detailed where they are and what went wrong. Though they are not together, Angela claims she has yet to receive any official paperwork from Tony. She calls him “stupid” and “narcissistic” while claiming she went above and beyond for Tony. Legally, they are still married but she spent so much money when he was in prison and upon his release. Therefore, if he wants to end the marriage, he will have to pay to file.

Credit: Love After Lockup IG

Tony says he is currently working on the divorce by attending a class to help him fill out all of the paperwork. Essentially, it is a divorce class and in the end, he will have his paperwork signed and delivered to Angela. He admits he stayed with his wife out of obligation because she was so good to him in and out of prison. Admittedly, Angela is done looking for love in prison after Tony but she does have a few pen pals.

Love after lockup angela and tony
Love after lockup angela and tony

Tony won’t do a prison relationship again but he will support someone who is locked up. He felt he was being controlled and could not be himself anymore. The two have not spoken since Tony left her which is apparently last summer. He says she had an affair with Ross and she admits this man was staying for a few days. However, she had already asked for a divorce, maintaining she did nothing wrong. They are rid of each other and happy with this.

Are you surprised it did not last? Let us know in the comments and watch the latest spinoff Love During Lockup every Friday on WEtv.


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