‘The Amazing Race’ Is Too Afraid To Go To These Countries

Image of Earth with 'The Amazing Race'
Nick Davis

The Amazing Race has been to 92 countries from 2000 to today. That’s nearly half of all of the countries in the world, according to the UN’s official list of recognized countries. It begs the question: Will the show ever make it to every country in the world?

The answer is probably not. While there are certainly some more countries the show hasn’t touched but will reach eventually, like Andorra, Guyana, and Greenland. Some countries simply present too high of a risk to send such a high profile group of people. So which countries won’t they make it to and why?

Afghanistan, Syria, & Yemen

It is fairly obvious why the country won’t be entering these borders anytime soon. Afghanistan, Syria, & Yemen are 3 of the most volatile nations on the planet. They’ve all endured brutal civil wars, political unrest, and religious extremism over the years. Yemen and Afghanistan are frequently rated as two of the poorest countries. Only the most hardened and experienced world travelers dare risk exploring these countries.


It’s a shame The Amazing Race never made it to Venezuela back in the 00s. At the time the country had a thriving tourist economy. It was one of the hottest vacation spots for North Americans who enjoyed the country’s beautiful beaches, lively culture, and natural wonders like the world’s tallest waterfall. But, for whatever reason, the show never went to the country, and now it may have lost its chance forever. Many are currently calling Venezuela a “failed state” with the complete collapse of the country’s economy. As of writing, 1 US dollar is currently worth 213 billion Venezuelan bolivares. Yes, 213 billion. The extreme poverty and civil unrest make the country far too risky for a reality show at the moment.


Currently rated as the 2nd poorest country on the planet, Somalia is another country with an infamous reputation as a “failed state”. Its reputation internationally is also known for the notorious “Somali pirates”.  But, while the country’s military, in partnership with UN troops, has all but put a stop to the Somali boat hijackers, the country is still perpetually in trouble. The aforementioned extreme poverty along with guerilla forces attempting to overthrow the government and religious extremism plague the nation. There is a safe, autonomous area in the north of the country known as Somaliland that The Amazing Race may explore one day, as the location is very popular with travelers visiting Africa who desire a taste of Somalia. That will likely be as close as the show ever gets.

somalian refugee camp
A Somalian refugee camp

Future Potential

Hopefully, The Amazing Race will be around for much longer. Despite how much harder travel has gotten with COVID. The show has the potential to reach well over 150 countries in the world. But with time, there’s even a chance the show could reach Somalia or Syria. It’s all a matter of the situations in those countries calming enough to warrant tourism. There were certainly countries the show wouldn’t touch back in 2000 that they have no issue visiting now. Such as Croatia, or any other Balkan country, for that matter. Only time will tell.

Which counties do you hope to see on The Amazing Race in the future?

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