Did Raquel Leviss Post An Unflattering Photo Of Katie Maloney?

Did Raquel Leviss Post An Unflattering Photo Of Katie Maloney? [Credit: YouTube]

Fans accused Raquel Leviss of posting an unflattering photo of Katie Maloney on Instagram. Some of the Vanderpump Rules cast members have been sharing photos from Raquel and James Kennedy’s engagement party. The Tuesday, January 18, episode was about the former couple’s party, which took place at the Sunstone Winery.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Raquel and Katie ended up in a brief feud. She previously appeared on Watch What Happens Live with her former fiance James Kennedy. Raquel said she was surprised that Katie didn’t “butt out” of Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval’s business. She also accused her co-star of being “bored with her life” and Katie just laughed it off.

Raquel Leviss posts an unflattering photo of Katie Maloney?

Suddenly, the two are supposedly at war again. Pump Rules fans think Raquel Leviss posted an unflattering shot of Katie from her elaborate engagement party. She first shared the photo on her Instagram feed. But, Raquel took it down when people accused her of making Katie look ugly next to her. The reality star is sweet as a baby fawn, so that was not her intent at all.

Despite their brief feud, the two women have nothing but respect for one another. Katie caught wind of the backlash and addressed it on her respective Instagram account. In fact, she posted the unflattering shot on her feed to call out the body shamers. Katie says she doesn’t have a problem with Raquel. It’s the people who shame her for her weight that she takes issue with.

Katie Maloney's Pump Rules Season 9 Look [Credit: Katie Maloney/Instagram]
[Credit: Katie Maloney/Instagram]
“This is important please read: I wanted to post this photo that Raquel had posted on her story the other night, wishing me a happy birthday,” Katie wrote. “Now it was alerted to her that this was ‘mean’ and to me that I should be ✨p***ed✨. Neither of those things are true. But here’s my issue. It’s assumed that because some have found it unflattering that I would agree or that I would be angry that someone would post an unflattering photo of me.”

The Bravo star loves the photo because she looks genuinely happy. While she is aware the photo makes her look like she has “about 12 chins,” she doesn’t care. Katie is tired of hearing people talking about her body and weight. Some critics even said she should dress for her body shape.

Raquel Leviss Reunion Selfie [Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram]
[Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram]

Vanderpump Rules star wants to move past her body issues

Katie admits that the criticism has plagued her for years. There have been times when she refused to “take photos with my friends and family because I wouldn’t like the way I looked.” The reality star used to worry about the criticism she would get from strangers on the internet, but not anymore. Katie refuses to take down the photo that Raquel Leviss originally posted because of something as silly as “bad angles.”

Being about to look at the photo and not feel shame and only happiness because I look so happy here is really showing me that the work I have been doing is improving my self image,” Katie continued. “Self hate/criticism is more damaging than that of others. So really be kinder to yourself, it’s not easy some days, I have good and bad, but I’m working at it. ❤️”

She got plenty of support from her friends. Raquel Leviss took to the comment section to explain herself. The reason why she shared the photo is that it made her “smile” because it was “so candid.” Raquel couldn’t stop looking at Katie’s purse with her dress.

Raquel Leviss And Katie Maloney [Credit: Katie Maloney/Instagram]
[Credit: Katie Maloney/Instagram]
I think you’re so beautiful!!!! People need to look at the bigger picture and realize that what they say can impact how we view ourselves if we let it,” Raquel Leviss continued. “💔 I admire you for not letting that 🤬 get to you. ❤️❤️❤️”

Katie responded: “❤️❤️❤️ I agree!!!” Fans commended Raquel Leviss because she’s as sweet as she comes off on the show. Others praised Katie for how happy she looked in the photo. Most were just so happy to see two women supporting each other.

What are your thoughts on the photo drama? Do you think Raquel Leviss had every right to share that photo? Do you think it was blown out of proportion? Sound off below in the comment section.

The Vanderpump Rules Season 9 reunion airs Tuesday, January 25 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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