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Bates Fans Go Full Throttle On UPtv, Dumping Network In Droves?

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Bringing Up Bates fans were devastated to learn that the series has been suddenly canceled by UPtv. The news broke on Tuesday, January 18, just weeks before Season 11 was set to premiere on the network. Fans were looking forward to seeing many big moments for the family, including several births and a couple of weddings, too.

Because the premiere was less than a month away, filming and production were well underway. Production reportedly spent a ton of money on the new season before pulling the plug. Now, it doesn’t seem like the already filmed episodes will be available to stream anywhere. This sudden cancelation was deemed “unusual” by someone associated with the network.

So, now, Bates fans are taking to social media to share their thoughts with other fans, as well as UPtv.

Bates family Instagram (KW Bringing Up Bates, UPTV)
Bates family Instagram

Bates fans threaten to dump UPtv.

On social media, Bringing Up Bates are sharing how they really feel about UPtv canceling the series. Petitions are circulating, while other fans are contacting UPtv directly via email, phone, or their website’s contact form.

Some fans have already canceled their subscriptions to UPtv’s channel and their streaming service, UP Faith & Family. One Facebook user writes, “I hope they actually read these. I also called the numbers for UPtv someone else posted and left messages. This is heartbreaking.

Other fans are sharing which shows they think should be canceled instead of Bringing Up Bates. They are mentioning shows like Sister Wives, 90 Day Fianceand Teen Momthough those are not UPtv series.

Below, you can see the many comments circulating on Facebook and other social media platforms at this time. It looks like fans are serious about making their voices heard. Plenty more comments are rolling in across all social media sites.


It’s unclear how these efforts could affect the fate of the show. The network already acknowledged that the show had a large fan base and was a huge driver for ratings. We’ll have to wait and see if anything changes.

Fans are also hopeful that another network, like TLC, might pick up the canceled show. For now, however, UPtv’s decision to cancel Bringing Up Bates still stands.

So, are you dumping UPtv, too, after they canceled Bringing Up Bates? Or will you stick around to see the new content the network releases? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Bates family, be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace. 

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  1. I will not watch anything aired on UPTV due to the ridiculous cancellation of Bringing Up Bates Show. This is another example of cancel culture. A very poor decision by UPTV executives.

    1. Cancel culture?
      When videos come out showing people being disgusting racists, they get what they deserve.

      Only deluded people who haven’t grown up in the horrific abuse inflicted by the IBLP teachings think these people are something to watch.

    2. I refuse to watch another program on UPTV. From what it appears most of the people who watched this channel were Bringing up the Bates fans. So we lose our favorite show and you will lose your network. I don’t know of many people who watch this channel who don’t watch the Bates. And, haven’t heard of one single person who will continue to watch it without the Bates.

      1. Exactly. Wayto UPTV. Keep professing your a Godly channel. Have fun with worldly views.

    3. I will not be watching up tv anymore unless they bring back the Bates there is no reason what so ever why they had to cancel the show take some of the other dumb shows off bring back the Bates your going to loss alot of customers since y’all decide to take them off the air bring them back I will never will watch uptv again

    1. I will definitely be canceling Uptv if the network continues to dump the Bates. The Bates and Heartland are the only reason I subscribed to Uptv to begin with. Clean family friendly programming is very hard to come by and we’ve gotten very invested in the Bates family at this point.

    1. How disheartening it is to know Uptv a faith based & family oriented program station, has taken a Christian valued, faith based family off the air. The whole purpose of this station was to feature good wholesome family programs that DO NOT exploit sex & foul language. So since the Bates family do neither of those, I guess it’s safe to assume UPtv is no longer who they claim to be. Why else would you take your number #1 rated tv program that thousands of people look forward to watching religiously on Thursday nights off the air in the blink of an eye. I surely could understand if and only if the family maybe ready for this part of their journey to end, then ok we viewers could understand. But if not why would some of the older children and Uptv be promoting season 11 if they were truly ready for this to end? I myself along with many other fans were looking forward to tuning in and watching the wedding of Nathan & Esther, Travis and Katie and seeing poor Katie’s wedding dress drama. As well as seeing Lawson & Tiff’s Italy engagement. So why end them so abruptly if this wasn’t the case? One might ask, are they too wholesome for the network, not enough drama,sex, cheating and lies going on for them to keep under contract, or is it just simply because Uptv isn’t who they really say they are (faith & family). I’m sure canceling this incredible show you will NO longer have the ratings you will need to sustain a programming channel.

  2. I am very upset that BUB is cancelled for no reason. They are the good, wholesome, God loving family that this world needs more of. I am cancelling my UPTV subscription and will not renew until the show is back. Very poor decision making on UPTV’s part. Lets see how good your channel does now with the #1 show gone and viewers cancelling/boycotting the station. God Bless the Bates and extended families!!

    1. Sadly one of the older boys was recorded saying something inappropriate. They caught it during filming and the executives shut it down

      1. Seriously UpTV? Maybe time for new executives! So what are you going to replace it with UpTV? You going to turn into another TLC or Hallmark who show unmoral, sickening shows, condoning it instead of offering medical help? Just another “fake” network

  3. Do not cancel the show or I will (along with others) not be watching this channel again until you bring the show back on.

  4. I actually wonder how comments from a private Facebook Group can be used and shared even if the name is deleted without permission.

  5. Not watching UpTv anymore. They are famous for cancelling shows out of no where. Every scripted show and most of their reality shows with the exception of Bringing up Bates has been cancelled after one season.

  6. I wrote and plan to drop DirecTV and not getting ATT for phone service which I’d planned. I don’t want anything to do with companies that do this.

  7. I am so disappointed with UpTv cancelling Bringing up Bates!!! That was the best show on the network. They already filmed season 11 but won’t air it and canceled the program?? Why?? I will cancel my subscription as well. UpTv open your eyes and see all the people that are leaving…put The Bates back on!!

  8. I cancelled my subscription right away. This show was the only reason I got the channel anyway. I wrote and told them why we cancelled. I hope they realize their mistake but I doubt it. So many shows that have no moral value and continue. It makes no sense. I am sorry yo see my favorite show end.

  9. Canceled my subscription I love the Bates Family!! I won’t give UP TV another dime unless they bring back the Bates!!

  10. This is a free channel for me. Hence I won’t be canceling anything. I also don’t care that much. I watched the show and enjoyed it but don’t know these people and they don’t impact my life.

  11. Good for UPN. There r other show that people watch. If u show that there rascal undertown you need to b off. Go to utub

  12. I will no longer be watching uptv anymore. Since they canceled the Bates. There show on that has Christian faith and Christian values.

  13. I’ll be cancelling my streaming subscription. I don’t get it — why would they dump this show so suddenly when it’s so popular? There’s got to be more to this story…..

    1. Sadly one of the older boys was recorded saying something inappropriate. They caught it during filming and the executives shut it down

      1. I have watched the offending video and find nothing inappropriate about it. I find nothing racist about it. Guessing George Floyd from a charade showing someone shooting someone else is a tribute to how that incident affected all of us making it the first thing that comes to mind. I didn’t see laughter, I saw contemplative expressions on many faces, and then continuation of the game.

  14. I think if you were going to cancel the show you should haven’t taken the cowardly way out, you should have told the truth. That being said, this show was the only reason I had your network so now it will be canceled. So many other shows should be on the canceled list not this one.

  15. Already canceled Uptv faith and family. The only reason I watched was for Bringing up Bates.

  16. I only watched Up TV for the Bringing up Bates show. All the terrible things on TV and they get rid of this wholesome show. What is this world coming to.

  17. I enjoy this show it is the only show I watch so I will be canceling my subscription I paid for a year and now I am done

  18. I already cancelled my subscription the day after the news broke. If they don’t want the bates I don’t want them. This was the most wholesome and uplifting show

  19. I cancelled my subscription to UPtv yesterday. The ONLY reason I subscribed was because of Bringing Up Bates. I have no intention to watch anything on UPtv unless they bring back my favorite show on television!!
    TLC, since you got rid of the Duggers, how about replacing it with this fantastic family?!?!?!!!

  20. The Bates show is the only decent show on tv! I have been waiting for the new season and now it is cancelled! What is wrong with you people? I thought UPtv was supposed to be a wholesome channel for the whole family? I will not be watching it any more if you don’t put the Bates show back on!

  21. Cancel Uptv as soon as I saw what they did they cave to cancel culture … They let something happen outside the network filming and other people decisions.when will it stop ..we all have our opinions and rights to do what we what..I’m tired of the race card ..cancel teen mom keeping up with the Kardashians and the view..but bye bye UPtv until you wake up and bring back the American family we love vin bringing up Bates

    1. I think they need to rethink there choice! I would rather Reba to be discounted!! I don’t know about UPtv

  22. I love the show and couldn’t wait for the next series to start. That is also why I signed up for uptv to watch Bringing up Bates. There a real life down to earth family with Family values that puts God first. You can’t even imagine how this will affect everyone that watches it every week and have watched every episode since the way beginning. I’m so disappointed that you film it but not air it. I will also be canceling my subscription to up-tv. Please keep them on and not disappoint the people who pay to watch Bringing up Bates every week
    We are the ones that pay for the show by paying up-tv a monthly fee of $6.97.
    so now you have millions of people who will be canceling there subscription because you think it’s best to cancel a show that everyone loves and adores.
    but it’s not.

  23. I was also very disappointed with uptv for their cancelation of Bring up Bates. I payed extra for this station on cable ,just so I could keep following the Bates Family!!! I have followed this Family from the beginning. I’ve enjoyed watch this family grow up and expand! I loved alot of the family value they have shared on the show. I have also added these values to my family values!!! They are the real thing ,not a fake family!! I can’t tell you how much I have learned from this family just from watching this show!!!
    I would love to know what you think would be so much better to replace this show with!!I just went thru the whole guide on your channel and I had to laugh at your programs that you are keeping on like : Regrow hair today,here’s a good one Nursing Home Nightmares just what I want to watch! Followed by Figure 8 Fitness REALLY!!! HOW DEPRESSING!!! LETS GO ON besides all your payed programing shows you seem to play alot of marathons of old shows back to back!! Really Little House On The Prairie 6 in a row followed , 10 Gilmore Girls ,then a few movie then info adds then come 10 Reba shows funny but up look at the show is this real Christian Based ,might be funny, but I’m not into what the story line is saying ! Divorced Mom trying to raise her family after her husband cheated on her with her best friend, husband hitting on exwife,while new wife is pregnant!! I won’t get into the children of the show just as ridiculous!! But this is Christian Based!! Or Who Line is it Anyway !! The things said on this show!! REALLY!! But to cancel Bring Up Bates!! I would love to have a chat with the one that came up with this idea!!! Please change your logo for your channel because you are not a Christian, Uplifting Basted Station at ALL!! I’m dropping your channel and will no longer keep you in my cable package!!! If you Bring back the Bates I will add you back on and pay the extra fee to have your station . But for now it’s goodbye for me!! I will dump uptv so called Christian/ Family Based Station!!! Bad Decision on your network hope you lose alot of followers!! Good Luck with your new season!! Looks like your going to need it for your ratings!! Dump UpTv!!!!

  24. I’m canceling UPtv. I actually got that channel to watch that show. PHILO has the UPtv channel and they stopped showing The Bates. I actually subscribed to the channel itself to get the show. Bye bye UPtv

  25. No Bringing up Bates = No UPtv. Period! I don’t watch any other show on their network, only got it for the Bates. I paid for a year subscription, so no I won’t be renewing if they aren’t on.

  26. This was the ONLY show I watched on UPTV, now I can cancel this channel. Pretty stupid decision on the part of the executives. Maybe they should be fired for stupidity!

  27. I am very disappointed in UPtv for canceling Bringing Up Bates. No more watching this channel and will be canceling your station.

  28. I’m still heartbroken over this. This shows that they cancel something families love to watch and putting crap on tv. Uptv and tlc. Those two channels air crappy shows up has taken alot of family shows off over the last few years. No more positive shows and all these stupid movies about falling in love really sucks and I’m not watching up anymore either because of this

  29. You keep immoral shows on like Sister Wives? Teen Mom? But you can’t keep Christian based shows like the Bates on? You have lost my faith in your network and will not ever watch UPTV again!!!! Shame on you!

  30. I am absolutely devastated over the cancelation of Bringing up Bates.
    I love this family it was wonderful to see how much they love each other and how they help people all over the world. I have already canceled my subscription to Up faith and family and Uptv. Bringing updates was the only thing I ever watched on their channel.

  31. As soon as I read their shady statement I canceled my subscription to Uptv. I understand all shows will eventually end but they promised to air season 11. They canceled The Bates so I canceled them.

  32. I’m with everyone. This is ridiculous! The Bates are a GOOD, God loving family! There is not enough God in this world. They showed us how to openly love God and to do it with grace and dignity. This breaks my heart. I will no longer watch UP TV

  33. So many TV shows have nothing but filthy shows, with filthy language. Maybe they plan on bringing that to Up. I will not be watching anything that UP provides now.

  34. Definitely wont be watching and have no need for Up tv!! I had never heard of it until I saw that the Bates had their own show there. It really helped them gain their notoriety in my view. There’s too many other wonderful places to go to for good shows so don’t need UP tv anymore. Like someone else said, they dumped the Bates, I dump them.

  35. This makes no sense at all. I love watching the Bates every week. I won’t be watching UPtv anymore. We can all hope TLC will pick them up.

  36. I will not be watching Up tv anymore. The best show ever has been removed for no good reason. Not much of a Christian channel. I will keep up with them on YouTube and other social media.

  37. I have already cancelled my subscription to UPTV. The only reason I had it is for Bringing Up The Bates. They should have at least given us the real reason for taking them off. You don’t spend that much money on creating a season then just drop it for no reason.

  38. I was totally shocked to learn of the cancellation of Bringing Up Bates! I loved looking forward to that show every week! Couldn’t wait for Season 11 ! I am with the others, I will not watch UPTV again! It was only on once a week for 1hr, come on UPTV!!!!! Please someone pick up this show!!!!!

  39. I agree with all the above comments. And to state that you are doing this to primarily focus on movies. You cannot get people to pay for your streaming services if you do not listen to your fans. YOU NEED TO FACE THE FANS. I have called, emailed, reached out to your company and got NO response back from you. Please stop hiding behind this family which have good moral values. If you are truly a Christian network the put Christian values forward and SHOW FORGIVENESS. That is is what Christians do. I too have up for the Bates show. 90% of the movies you air can be found on Amazon or Pureflix so no need to have up or your streaming services. If you do not air them in Feb then I will cancel your station an save money. I too will follow them on social media and will pray that you come to your senses. I just pray that this is not a publicity stunt on behalf of up to boost your streaming sales as it will back fire on you. Prayers for the Bates family that this does not cause them any more stress than they have already endured and praise them for all of their positive comments about a station that has used them as scapegoats. Shame on you Uptv. You need to look at the shows you are airing now and they should be removed. Whose line and Reba, Gilmore Girls just to name a few with questionable morals. Very disappointed.

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