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Amy Roloff Says She Misses Chris Marek Already, What Happened?

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is saying goodbye to her new husband, Chris Marek. Amy shared an update with fans, revealing what’s going on with her these days. After they tied the knot in 2021, they’re spending some time away from each other for a little while.

Amy gave fans the full rundown so they know what’s going on and why the two of them are separating. She likes to keep her followers updated on her life.

So, on social media, Amy Roloff shared how she’s feeling and said she misses Chris Marek already. She didn’t share how her husband is feeling about the new arrangement, but it sounds like this little break might be difficult for the couple. So, why are they going their separate ways, and how long will they be apart?

Amy Roloff - Chris Marek - YouTube
Amy Roloff – Chris Marek – YouTube

Amy Roloff & Chris Marek snap a sweet selfie before saying goodbye.

In a new Instagram post this week, Amy Roloff shared a photo of herself with her new husband, Chris Marek. In the caption, the Little People, Big World star writes, “Date night before I left to travel to Michigan for a few days to see family and friends. Love him so much and miss him when I’m away. ♥️.

Then, she revealed that they had eaten at one of their favorite restaurants, Pizzario.

Amy Roloff Instagram
Amy Roloff Instagram

Fortunately, Amy Roloff’s post suggests that she and Chris Marek won’t be apart for very long. So, fans have nothing to worry about. They’ll be reunited after Amy’s quick trip. It sounds like Chris and Amy are still very happily married and have lots of great years ahead of them.

In her post, Amy doesn’t reveal why Chris didn’t go with her to Michigan. But it looks like she’s already having a great time with her family there.

On her Instagram stories and feed, Amy shared a few snaps from her trip to Michigan already. In a couple of photos, she’s posing with her family. In one picture from her Instagram stories, she wonders if she packed enough warm clothes for the trip.

Amy Roloff Instagram
Amy Roloff Instagram

So, are you glad to hear that Chris Marek and Amy Roloff will only be missing each other for a little while? Do you love this Little People, Big World couple together? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about Chris Marek and Amy Roloff, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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      1. Amy is rude and selfish. Treated mat like crap. She left mat but is still jealous of him with caryn. Chris is crazy to think this will last. Why would Amy remarry so fast with the first and only boy friend after a 20 something year marriage with Matt. They look ridiculous together. I have to laugh at their pictures! Give it time. After the new love and honeymoon stage wares off she’ll be back to her crabby misery ways. It won’t last.

      2. I laughed at the wedding
        They look ridiculous together
        Any looked like a scary doll
        The bride of chucky

  1. I enjoy reading how Amy & Chris are going, but can’t understand why her Instagram account still says Roloff when we all know she’s remarried and her name is Marek. Oh, and why does everyone on media still call her Roloff?

      1. Agreed, he never says “i love you” or anything affectionate and the whole “I don’t like attention” shtick is a way to throw people off his true intentions. Why would someone who hates attention marry a tv star?

  2. I dont like Amy,she is to whiney and mean to me and i.dont like the way she treats him
    Ho could have done a lot better,but then it’s what it is.besides I don’t like the way she keeps house to sloppy for me and unorganized

  3. Not a fan at all of Amy she’s a negative person, hanger on can’t let go of the past. The fact she continues using Roloff instead of her new husbands last name is proof she lives in the past she needs to move on…..

    1. I’ve never been obsessed with any “reality” TV show, but there are a lot of women who retain their previous husbands last name, particularly if they have children together. They want to share the same last name as their kids. It’s also quite likely that she did, in fact, legally take her new husband’s last name, or hyphenated it. When people are on a television show and have been known by a particular name for so long, they usually don’t change it just for the sake of the show. They’re not movie stars, but think of how many people in the entertainment industry who are married, but don’t share the same last name professionally. They may have a marriage certificate that indicates that the bride took the grooms last name, and a drivers license, social security card, etc.
      This has been the norm for years. Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Baker, then married a guy before becoming famous and became Norma Jean Dougherty. And Elizabeth Taylor was never known by any other name publicly, but was married 8 times.
      It’s also REALLY ANNOYING to do all that paperwork to change your name on everything AGAIN, that’s why I kept my late, ex husband’s name. I worked for the DMV for seven and a half years, and changing your name is a pain, but it’s certainly no indication of holding onto the past.

    2. Love you all cant to see y’all again. Why did Zack move?? Love this show and little Jax he is so smart Adorable

    1. What is booring?? Never heard of that word. Why people whine or complain when they can’t even spell is beyond me
      Maybe you were trying to spell “boring” ??

    2. What happened to the couple? I like Amy and I like Chris nobody knows what’s going on their personal life but I hope that they get back together.

  4. I love the show and hope it comes back soon, but I have noticed,Amy doesn’t really seem happy and it looks like she’s on something or sick! She looks very aged 😢

  5. I’m not a fan of Chris or Karen. I think their just using Amy & Matt to get what they can selfishly get out of the relationships.

  6. Chris and Amy are horrible to watch because Chris treats her like crap. Leaving her in a restaurant? Scum of the world.

  7. It always seemed extremely odd when he got with Amy. I got the overall feeling there was some strange desire to be with a tiny woman. Kind of like somebody with a sexual perversion that sees her as a little girl physically that is…. Something just did not add up.

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