Adam Busby Teaching Girls New Survival Skill, What Is It?

Adam Busby Instagram

OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby shared with fans that he’s working on something very important with his daughters. With six kids to teach at once, there’s a lot to cover and it might take a while. Of course, as a parent, Adam has many responsibilities. One of them that he’s focusing on right now is survival skills.

So, what is Adam Busby teaching his girls right now?

Busby Christmas Photo [Credit: Adam and Danielle Busby/Instagram]
[Credit: Adam and Danielle Busby/Instagram]

Adam Busby shows off Riley’s survival skills.

In a new Instagram post, Adam Busby gave fans an update on how his daughters’ survival skills are coming. The dad to six revealed that Riley is learning how to use a fishing pole. However, she’s nowhere near the water and is simply casting in the backyard.

In his post, Adam revealed, “Riley caught a Gus!” In the photos, the little girl is attempting to catch her family’s dog.

Then, he explained, “Started teaching the girls how to cast with their fishing pole. They have been asking to go fishing for a while, but all i think about is all the knots in lines I’ll be getting out…🙃 we spent the evening with a rubber fish on the line in the back yard, working on getting their aim down.”

Finally, Adam went on to share why they are in the backyard for now. He said, “I’m not taking them to the lake until a few fundamentals are down first. It was fun watching all of Riley’s faces, she only wanted to see how far she could cast.”

Adam Busby Instagram
Adam Busby Instagram

OutDaughtered fans applaud Riley’s efforts.

In the comments section of Adam Busby’s Instagram post, fans are sharing positive words about the girls learning important survival skills. They love that Adam is taking the time to teach his daughters these things.

Many fans are proud of Riley’s fishing attempts, too. They think she’s doing a great job already and can’t wait to see what happens when the family heads out to the lake. It sounds like they all need a little bit more practice before that happens, however. So, you’ll have to stay tuned.

So, are you glad to see that Adam Busby is teaching his daughters some important skills? How do you think Riley Busby is doing with the fishing pole? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the OutDaughtered family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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