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Rachel Lindsay Shares Update On Relationship With Chris Harrison

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Bachelor Nation alum Rachel Lindsay shares an update on her relationship with Chris Harrison almost a year after his exit. Keep reading to find out where they stand today.

One-year anniversary of disastrous interview looms

In January of 2021, Matt James’ season of The Bachelor kicked off. A few weeks into the season, one of his frontrunners – Rachael Kirkconnell – got caught in a social media storm. Photos surfaced of her attending an antebellum-themed college party.

In early February, Bachelor Nation host Chris Harrison appeared on Extra in an interview with correspondent – and former Bachelorette – Rachel Lindsay.

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Rachel Lindsay and Chris Harrison via YouTube

What he said on the TV interview would eventually lead to his exit from the franchise. Many viewers took issue with his demeanor toward Lindsay and his defense of Kirkconnell attending the party.

The backlash was swift for Rachel Lindsay, with many fanatics blaming her for Harrison’s exit.

Who replaced Chris Harrison as host?

For several months after the interview, Chris Harrison’s future with the franchise was in question. However, in June of 2021, he ended speculation by announcing his departure. That left the network scrambling to find a replacement host.

They ultimately chose Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe to co-host Season 17 and 18 of The Bachelorette. Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise had revolving celebrity hosts.

ABC brought in former Bachelor Jesse Palmer to host Season 26 of The Bachelor, which is currently airing. However, they have yet to reveal if Palmer will be a full-time replacement for Chris Harrison.

Rachel Lindsay shares update on relationship with Chris Harrison

During a recent interview with People magazine, Rachel Lindsay reflected on the Chris Harrison scandal. She previously spoke of “vile” fans and chose to cut ties with the franchise, including stepping away from the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

A black woman smiling
Rachel Lindsay via YouTube

Does that include ending her friendship with Chris Harrison? According to Rachel Lindsay, Chris Harrison is the one who cut ties with her. After revealing they no longer speak, she added, “He unfollowed me. That tells me everything I need to know.”

Says she’s still getting hate messages and death threats

While Rachel Lindsay may think some fans in the franchise are toxic, she was clear that she doesn’t want to the show to end. Rather, she is still hopeful the show will “naturally and organically step into 2022.” What does that mean?  

“I hope the show steps up and diversifies more, whether it’s with age or gender or race.” – Rachel Lindsay, People magazine.

The reality star took a break from Instagram amid the scandal due to negative and hateful messages from Bachelor Nation fans. She told the outlet that she even received death threats.

Furthermore, she still gets hate messages daily from disgruntled viewers accusing her of ruining the show.

Her feature in People magazine comes ahead of the release of her upcoming book.

Her collection of essays, Miss Me with That: Hot Takes, Helpful Tidbits, and a Few Hard Truths, comes out on Tuesday, January 25.

Does it surprise you that she no longer talks to Chris Harrison? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Not surprised they don’t speak. I wouldn’t speak to her either if I were Chris H. Hope she enjoyed her 15 minutes of drama!

    1. I have never seen this man make any inappropriate measures. Before she makes a big deal about this matter, this thing in the south persisted for years! There was nothing racist as bout it! These pictures were taken years ago
      If anything, Chris doesn’t have to account to you for anything. I hope no network will give you any airtime, that was so inappropriate!!

      1. I so agree Chris did nothing wrong! Rachel ruined his career and ABC was wrong to go along with it! Chis is better off but the show will never be the same without him. Rachel would be nowhere without Chis and the franchise! Now she is making big bucks on Extra! She is an attorney and had no background in entertainment. I too wish she would go away!

    2. Right!?!? If she wants it to end and get on with her life then stop trying to be public RL! Quit throwing your pitty party! Stop doing interviews to get your name in the headlines! You can just say no. And definitely don’t say you have PTSD from it! Read that in another article.. Just go away and live your life out of the public eye because you are the one keeping it going!!! PLEASE

    3. Without Chris Harrison The Bachelor or The Bachelorette will never be interesting or fun to watch. We miss you Chris

  2. Rachel needs to put her big girl panties on! Her carrying on about that photo showed how petty she is! She was my favorite Bachelorette until this came out! I watched the interview the first time it came out and again a few days ago. I thought Chris Harrison was very kind to her. He stated his opinion, but was also very understanding to her feelings. She seemed to be more bitter towards him, showed resentment and was so accusing about Rachel going to that dance. When I first heard of it, my thoughts were why was nothing being said about the college holding it?! Why was she attacking Rachel Kirkconnell personally?! When you attend a college, and it holds events, it is natural to go with your friends to them. The South and antebellum events are part of the history of this country. Can it be debated if it is still proper to hold them? Yes, as anything can. But you don’t “undo” what’s in the past by the type of attack Rachel Lindsey brought. She almost ruined Matt and Rachel’s relationship, and took away the very long successful career of Chris Harrison, who was very loved and more than proved he was not a “racist” by the manner in which he communicated with ALL races on the show, and handled communication with them most graciously, including Rachel Lindsey. I don’t blame him for unfollowed her! I would have no interest in what she had to say after she tried to crucify him! It just made her look small and terribly “woke”! If you want to truly change something in this world, attacking others is not the way to go about it. And as far as her comment about Rachel K. Not commenting about Rachel L. attacking her about the photo, I understood. She is very young, and knew she did not hold any racist views in her heart, she loved a black man! And no doubt felt her character was being attacked unfairly. Which it was. Choosing to not argue about it as there is no winner, was mature in my eyes. Rachel Lindsey needs to keep her judgements to herself!

    1. I completely agree!! And I too loved her on the show, but no more! Chris was just trying to say give RK time to respond, but no that wasn’t good enough for RL, she kept pushing and kept pushing! I wish she would just go away, tired of reading any headlines with her name in them! And why Extra kept her is beyond me, I’ve quit watching that show now. Chris was and always will be the best host the show had! He helped make the show big. He showed compassion to all and I don’t feel he’s racist!! And to call her RL a reality star, please!! Now she has a book coming out…SMH. Makes me feel stupid to think she did the show for the right reasons, now I really believe it was for fame and she has people fooled!!!! She’s so full of herself and only wants to make a name. If she was more genuine maybe people wouldn’t be hating on her now. If only she would have been compassionate! But I guess it’s not in her to be? Truly sad!! I don’t blame Chris for unfollowing her, good for him!!

    2. I could not agree more! I did, however, have a problem with Rachel K apologizing for attending that party. She doesn’t seem to realize that it doesn’t matter how much someone apologizes, it will never be good enough for people like Rachel L. I’m just glad that people are leaving Rachel K and Matt alone. They deserve to enjoy each other in peace!

    3. This is exactly my opinion. Rachel L was also my favorite bachelorette before all of this. I don’t wish her harm though and don’t understand how people can send death threats, but I was pretty disapointed.
      I feel that Chris Harrisson was totally ambushed during that awfull interview. Nasty. Even if some of his comments were questionnable or ignorant, he was only giving what was asked of him, his opinion.

      1. I’m myself think this is gotten so out of hand. After what ABC has let Chris Harrison I refuse to watch The Bachelor and. The Bachelorette. 10 other people in my family feel the same way, ABC you should be ashamed of your shelves

  3. Lindsey is a bitter, angry failed attorney who thought she could land Chris’s job by attacking him. She used a franchise to avoid working as a lawyer, and catch a white cock after what she continued hating white people like Rachel K., at the same time enjoying her white trophy. Bipolar individual also got mad because Rachel K. liked Matt, who is not even black but half white, so biracial. Sporting ridiculous wigs attempting to look white and catching white boyfriend and babbling shit is not what makes u white nor getting you Chris Harrison’s job nor any job. Keep your mouth shut and stop bulging your scary eyes!

  4. Well said. Lindsey has no right to comment, much less accuse anyone without proof of evidence. Her 15 mins just went a little too far and she needs to get off her high horse.. She’s not a star or celebrity, just another ordinary person. What she needs to do now is apologize to Chris H. After all, he did nothing wrong

    1. Chris Harrison will always be the proper Host for the bachelor and the bachelorette , what Rachel did was wrong and she needs to be the one to apologize I just wish we could get Chris Harrison back on the show it has not been the same since he left.

  5. It’s not surprising to me that Chris H unfollowed Rachel Lindsay. Doing so makes it look like it was her fault. She didn’t put the words in his mouth when he defended those inappropriate pictures. He needs to put on his big boy pants and accept what he said. People hate that she asks the hard questions that people don’t really want to talk about.

    If you want to be mad/hate at someone look in the mirror and contact the Bachelor/Bachelorette Executives – they let Chris go. You’re propbably part of this “cancel culture” and the reason they had to let him go.

  6. The Bachelor Show was nice enough to allow minorities & people of color onto the show, but now they’re being punished for it with people like Rachel Lindsay who made exaggerated- not proven claims of racism that ultimately led to Chris Harrison being fired. She should be grateful that she was on that show at all. The Bachelor was already hugely popular/successful before her & doesn’t deserve having someone use manipulative smear campaign tactics to spread false claims/narratives. Who the hell is she to demand the show needs more diversity, age, & genders. Telling someone how they should run their business is None Of Yr Business! Give an inch, they take a million miles. Leave well enough alone & bring back Harrison.

    1. This has bothered me on so many different levels. One, I’m not in agreement with Chris Harrison being fired or choosing to move on due to the situation. Two, if Rachel had a problem specific with Chris or the franchise, why address it publicly unless she wanted recognition and fame. As far as the party in question, it was a sorority party being held at a plantation, which has some of the most beautiful homes imaginable. I’m sure if you were in the sorority or pledging they did not say, if you are of color other than white, you cannot attend or cannot dress in the antebellum style. It was a simple party, no one was reading anything else into it. I think someone is very small minded if a house or dresses make them automatically think racism. These are inantiment objects. I would understand if someone made specific racial slurs or there was racial violance, but there was not. I’ve made a personal choice to not watch any show or movie that exploits anyone or buys into the whole woke movement. The only one that can judge us is God, no one else has that right. A person should be looked at for their charactor and morals, nothing else. We don’t have to agree or like everyone, but we can be courteous to each other. I would like to see Chris back because I enjoyed the shows, but on another network.

  7. I have not, and will not, watch the Bachelor nor the Bachelorette until Chris Harrison is reinstated as moderator! What was done to him was ridiculous! We still have freedom of speech and
    opinion in this country. This idea of “everything that I don’t agree with is racist” is partly what is causing the division of this country! I say, Get Over It!
    And get on with living our lives..however we want to!
    BRING CHRIS BACK!!! The show is nothing without him!

  8. I do not think that if you felt somebody is racist why you would want to talk to someone????
    I finding a crowd where I am being blamed for all the woes of another person etc that it is not something I WANT to be around. I personally can not change history and. I can only change the future and treat every person no matter race religion etc with respect and dignity. It is the history of the world whether we like it our not. EVERY RACE in the world has endured slavery in their history at so point since bible times.
    In a couple hundred year they will dissect today’s history and look at the wrongs done. There is what I refer reverse discrimination where I sit with or smile at someone of another race and I too experience discrimination and treated like I am I am not welcome so I can not fix that just be the best person I know how who is fallible and can improve in any area.

  9. I agree Rachel Lindsey would not be anywhere if it was not for Chris Harrison. Chris never did anything wrong. The world needs Chris Harrison back, and to get rid of Rachel, and the others too that are hosting it with taking turns. Rachel is a huge discouragement to the show, ABC, and the public eyes. She deserves all the threats she is getting. Get her off TV! She needs to go back to her lawyer job and fall off the face of TV world and the Podcast too. The show will never be the same without him. I don’t watch it anymore due to what happened and he is not host anymore. Chris is the Best there ever was and is for this show Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Paradise too. His son Joshua was such a huge help to him as well at his home when Covid was going on. I will NO longer watch the show until he comes back. They need to put that aside and in the past and please bring Chris back!

  10. Chris had to cut ties with her. She is poison. I find it ironic that every time she speak publicly, the topic is on some aspect of Bachelor Nation. She still hangs on to her tie for publicity. She says that she stepped away. Her mouth should step away with her.

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