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‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Script About Brooke Possible Twist

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The Bold and the Beautiful is seemingly on a path to break up Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) again. What if writers have a plan up their sleeve? So many fans on social media have expressed exhaustion from these two splitting and reuniting. Could the plot line throw fans off with Brooke’s crisis?

The Bold and The Beautiful Revisits Brooke’s Alcoholism

As fans know, Brooke didn’t turn to the bottle intentionally on New Year’s Eve. She fell into an evil trap set by Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Sheila switched labels on the alcohol-free and real wine bottles. It’s hardly a feat most people would get away with, but Sheila knows how to scheme others with unsettling ease. Sheila is bent on destroying Brooke for threatening her to stay away from everyone — including Sheila’s own son, Finn (Tanner Novlan).


The Bold and the Beautiful Script For Brooke New Twist
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Fast forward to Brooke’s binge drinking … not something she planned. Yes, Deacon (Sean Kanan) was there, but he was trying to make her stop. They share a kiss when Deacon reminisces about the good times they once had. The two didn’t do anything else that evening despite Deacon sleeping next to Brooke in her bed. A horrified Brooke overreacts the next morning and insists he stay away from her. Trying to convince her nothing happened means nothing to Brooke. She was quick to distance herself from Deacon out of fear of losing Ridge.

Will The Bold and the Beautiful Make Taylor the Bigger Person?

A big prediction is making the rounds that Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) will be an opportunist in the situation. It’s a no-brainer that Ridge will hit the roof when he finds out his wife partied the night away with Deacon. Does that mean he’ll run straight back to Taylor? The Bold and the Beautiful‘s current script has Taylor and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) gearing up to possibly reunite their family. Steffy and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) want their father to dump Brooke and take back their mom. When the cat’s out of the bag about Brooke’s drunken night with Deacon, they’ll push their mom even harder to fight for their father.

The twist may come when Taylor, herself, feels guilt if Ridge wants her back. At this point, Sheila senses something off with Sheila in her obsessive hate for Brooke. She already suspects Sheila may have done something, but doesn’t have any idea what it is.

The Bold and The Beautiful
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Taylor May Defend Brooke’s Actions to Ridge

As much as Taylor loves Ridge and wants a life back with him, will she feel right taking him back under these circumstances? Taylor — a renown psychologist — examines behaviors and why people do what they do. She’ll find out Brooke had no intention of cracking open a bottle of booze on New Year’s Eve, but Sheila created a situation in which Brooke was bound to fail. If Ridge turns to Taylor after learning about his wife’s secret, will Taylor defend Brooke’s actions? As for the kiss with Deacon, Taylor may explain to Ridge that Brooke wasn’t in her right mind. Ridge may come back with the fact that Brooke didn’t fess up sooner to the kiss and sleepover with Deacon. She may explain to Ridge that Deacon attempted to help Brooke and did the right thing being by her side. He could’ve taken advantage of Brooke in her boozed-up state, but refused.

All of this might be a long shot, but it’s a possible twist that would be interesting on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Fans Don’t Know What To Expect From The Characters Anymore

The Bold and The Beautiful story line could mix all of this up and not be as predictable as people think.  The show has done this time and time again in the last year — hinting at romances that don’t take off. Spoilers for this week indicate more the ongoing discussion Deacon has with Brooke after confessing his love to her.

It may be a long shot, but many curve balls have been thrown at fans of The Bold and the Beautiful in the last year.

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