Raquel Leviss Shares The Advice She Never Took Seriously [Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram]

Raquel Leviss Shares The Advice She Never Took Seriously

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Raquel Leviss is reflecting on her split with James Kennedy. The Vanderpump Rules stars ended their engagement in early December 2021. Their split took place while they filmed the Season 9 reunion. Raquel has been doing a lot of therapy and healing since then.

She currently reflected on the advice she didn’t take seriously when she was with him. The former model sparked concern among fans with her comments. Earlier this week, the DJ admitted that he would be open to a possible reconnection with Lala Kent. Raquel wished them a lot of luck because the explosive stars are going to need it.

Vanderpump Rules star shares her biggest mistake

Over the weekend, the doe-eyed beauty took to her Instagram Stories to reflect on her split. She shared a mistake that she made when she was with James. The one piece of advice she never took seriously was never going to bed mad. Raquel also shared some other things she needs to do more in her life.

“Take more pictures. Always say I love you. Never go to bed mad. Just first, think second,” Raquel Leviss wrote in her Instagram Story. “Love harder. Love deeper. Life is too short.”

However, she didn’t always agree with this sort of advice. She admitted that she “‘never took that go to bed mad’ advise too seriously” enough. Which led to her split with her former fiance. Raquel commended those who go to bed mad and work out their issues the next day.

Raquel Leviss Reunion Selfie [Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram]
[Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram]
“If you guys can work it out the next day, that’s more testimonial to your relationship than sucking it up for the sake of never going to be mad…” Raquel continued. “Relish in the madness.”

She admits that she enjoyed the “madness” when she was with James. The SUR-ver could never see herself going to bed happy just for the sake of it. Rather, she would want to work out her problems on her own terms. She has no plans to follow this advice anytime soon.

Raquel Leviss clarifies her previous comments

Some fans wondered if Raquel was upset about James saying that he would “never say never” to a romance with Lala. Raquel clarified her previous comments with Us Weekly. She took to her Instagram Story to confirm that she wasn’t mad. Instead, she was triggered by something that someone else shared.

“By the way regarding the last slide because I know you guys overanalyze everything,” Raquel Leviss said in her clip. “I’m not mad right now.”

Raquel Leviss [Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Raquel Leviss/Instagram Stories]
She showed a video of herself lying in bed, under the covers. But, she still had a big smile on her face. The Bravo star reassured fans that she’s unbothered by what James said about Lala. James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss ended their five-year relationship and short-lived engagement in an Instagram post.

What are your thoughts on Raquel’s Instagram Story? Do you think she was talking about James? What’s one piece of advice you never took seriously? Sound off below in the comment section.

The Vanderpump Rules Season 9 finale airs Tuesday, January 18 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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