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Todd Chrisley Says He’s Only Interested In One Thing, What Is It?

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Todd Chrisley took to Instagram in the past 24 hours to school his followers on the fact that he’s only interested in one thing. What is that one thing? Fortunately for fans, the reality TV personality was pretty crystal clear on what that one thing is.

He has had a lot to preach about in Instagram recently

For whatever reason, Todd Chrisley has been popping on his soapbox a lot recently via Instagram. His followers, however, have been here for it. As we reported recently, his followers shouted “preach” when he hopped on his soapbox earlier this week. Just four days ago, the Chrisley Knows Best father took to Instagram to shed some light on how people should conduct themselves on social media.

He noted that social media really should be used for defending the people and things you care about. He noted that correcting someone was something that should be done privately. Moreover, he added that personal and private business has no place on social media platforms.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

Todd Chrisley shares one thing he’s interested in

Less than 24 hours ago, he hopped on his soapbox again to do a little more preaching. This time he wanted to clue his followers into the one thing he cares about. One thing he finds interest in. Todd Chrisley explained the “real story” was the only thing of interest to him. He could care less what the Instagram version of the story was as it usually was a fabrication of the truth.

On his podcast, Todd Chrisley has been pretty consistent about urging his followers not to believe everything they read. Todd has also gone after bloggers and reports for sharing stories about his family that he claimed were slander and untrue.

Todd Chrisley has also told those that listen to his podcast he only cares to a point when a story or headline surfaces that reports something bad about him. He, however, tends to go into attack mode when a headline surfaces that slanders one of his children. While he hesitated, he even issued statements on his estranged daughter Lindsie when she got a divorce and reportedly had an altercation with the cops.

Todd Chrisley
Todd Chrisley – Instagram

As reality TV stars, Todd Chrisley and his family are always going to be in the spotlight to some degree. Todd, however, hopes his followers will remember that they shouldn’t believe everything they read. Moreover, he also believes the Instagram version of a story is rarely the real story.

What do you think of Todd Chrisley’s latest speech on Instagram? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Chrisley news.

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