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Is Chloe & Savannah Chrisley’s Relationship Really What We See?

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Chrisley Knows Best fans wonder what Chloe and Savannah Chrisley’s relationship is really like when the cameras aren’t rolling. After all, Savannah Chrisley has made a point to tell her Instagram followers the girl they see on her profile isn’t real. She considers social media to be a stage and she is a performer. Savannah puts on a mask and shows her followers what she thinks they want to see. Does this way of thinking translate into the relationship she and her little sister/niece Chloe Chrisley have behind the scenes?

Savannah Chrisley: ‘Perfect’ & ‘Beautiful’ Girl On Instagram Isn’t Real

Savannah Chrisley has been accused of using Chloe

Both Savannah Chrisley and her father Todd have been accused of using Chloe over the years. Kyle Chrisley — Chloe’s biological father — accused Todd’s motives for taking his granddaughter in. Kyle claimed his father wanted nothing to do with Chloe and didn’t care for her. According to Kyle, Todd just saw Chloe as an opportunity to boost the ratings of his show and continue to grow his fame. It was in an older interview with The Daily Mail, that Kyle accused his father of using Chloe.

As we previously reported, Savannah Chrisley has caught heat regarding her intentions with her little sister Chloe more than a few times. Back in 2017, Savannah fired back at these accusations noting she loved Chloe and saw her as her little sister.

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I’m tired of seeing comments that say ‘oh she’s white trying to rescue a black baby.’ No…that’s not the case at all! First off…if we are going to get technical…Chloe is biracial…not black. But when I look at Coco…I don’t see a color! I see a child of God who is so innocent and beautiful and I’m going to do what I can to keep it that way.”

Both Savannah and Todd have also caught heat for family labels they use when referring to Chloe. Savannah refers to Chloe as her little sister and many fans admit they wish she would refer to Chloe as her niece instead. Fans also admit they find it confusing that Todd refers to Chloe as his grandfather.

Todd Chrisley, however, has put fans in their place noting that Chloe decides how she wants to label people and she decided to call Todd and Julie her mother and father a long time ago.

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What kind of relationship do these sisters have?

Savannah admits that she puts on a show on her social media profile. But, fans have no reason to believe that way of thinking extends to her relationship with Chloe. The way Savannah talks about her little sister and the way they interact in videos tells us that Savannah adores Chloe.

She treasures Chloe. Savannah and Nic Kerdiles took Chloe to Disney on Ice not too long ago. Chloe has the occasional slumber party with her big sister Savannah. And, we see Chloe Chrisley popping up in her sister’s cosmetic videos all of the time. Fans have no reason to believe any part of their relationship is fake.

What do you think about Savannah and Chloe Chrisley’s relationship? Do you think they share the bond they present on the show and on social media? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley family.

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