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‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Margaret’s Mom Millie Spills Beans On Future Filming

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My 600-Lb. Life fans wonder if there will be a Where Are They Now? episode featuring Margaret Johnson and her mother Millie. The topic of conversation came up in a Reddit thread questioning the timeline of the recent episodes. Fortunately, there were people chatting in the subreddit that just happened to follow both Margaret Johnson and her mother Millie on social media. And, Margaret’s mother Millie had spilled the beans on future filming for the series.

Fans found this mother and daughter bizarre

My 600-Lb. Life fans cannot stop talking about Margaret Johnson and her mother Millie. Fans admit their dynamic was bizarre. The episode has been described as “cringe,” “awkward,” “uncomfortable,” and “difficult to watch.” Some fans admit they actually watched the episode more than once to try to better understand Millie and Margaret. The episode kicked off with Margaret being bedbound, so Millie was quickly labeled as an enabler.

As we previously reported, some fans suspected Millie might actually be abusive with Margaret when the cameras weren’t rolling. Fans believe they got a taste of her abusive nature when PT arrived and she wouldn’t let them in at first.

margaret johnson ymy 600 lb life
margaret johnson ymy 600 lb life

Will fans see more of Millie and Margaret?

In chatter on Reddit, fans expressed frustration for episodes only being 6 to 8 months of the cast member’s lives. Fans admit they really want to see a full year. Other fans suspect that COVID-19 plays a massive role in the timelines for the episodes. Noticeably, the last couple of episodes have all been cast members who lived relatively close to Houston, Texas.

My 600-Lb. Life fans admit they are hopeful they will get to see a Where Are They Now episode featuring Millie and Margaret. They want to know if Margaret sticks to her diet and is able to continue to drop weight. Those who have stalked the mother and daughter on Facebook discovered that Millie spilled the beans on their future with the show. Turns out, the production team was interested in filming more episodes with them.

Millie, however, reveals that she and Margaret shut the production team down. Unfortunately for those looking forward to seeing this odd pairing on TV again, the mother and daughter decided they did not want to film any additional episodes.


Were you hoping more of Margaret’s weight loss journey would be televised? Are you bummed they don’t want to film any more episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest My 600-Lb. Life news.

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  1. The only thing i can think is because Margaret fell off the bandwagon and didn’t lose the weight she hoped for and ashamed to show herself to the public Other wise had she lost the weight she would be happy to show it off.

    1. I think you might be right.
      Those 2 are the most weird 2 ppl I’ve ever seen.
      They are so codependent on eachother it’s just sickening, notice they never say I or myself or any words as individuals, it’s always we, we, we, it’s to the point of being sick.
      Plus Margaret and all of that fake crying had me to the point i almost couldn’t get through the episode, it was just disgusting.
      Maybe her mom is abit abusive becuz Margaret acts so infantile, I’ve never seen a grown woman act like that in my life, hope she looses the weight and gets away from Millie.
      They are a strange dynamic for sure, the strangest I’ve ever seen in my 64 yrs on this earth

      1. Millie needs to put some clothes on instead of running around half naked, it’s revolting. She thinks she’s Twiggy.

    2. That should be an agreement when they sign the initial contract to film, it should automatically include and agreement to film a “where are they now series”. If the participants don’t film the where are they now episodes, they break the contract and forgo their pay.

  2. I agree. I think that a lot of Margaret’s problem is Millie. She’s really controlling and her so-called ‘support’ and ‘encouragement ‘ is really creepy, negative and codependent. The way she hangs all over Margaret seems to me to do more harm than good. They definitely should have separate therapy cuz Millie doesn’t let Margaret express her opinion. She talks about independence but won’t let go and give Margaret a chance to develop any with the therapist’s help.

  3. I feel like Margaret is functioning on a lower IQ or is mentally handicapped and that would explain her behaviors and child like demeaner as well as her tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants. If this is the case then her mom Millie is doing her a great disservice not teaching her how to be more independent and teaching her to take care of her own personal hygiene. I think mom wants her totally dependent!

  4. Yes very odd relationship. Margaret acts like a child instead of a 35-year-old woman. Thinking about the day Millie dies makes me fear for Margaret. She will lose it.

  5. I have not made it to the end of Margaret’s episode TWICE! She and her mom were very difficult to watch!! And I found the 7 or 8 dogs hard to watch laying and crossing all around her blurred-out yet exposed vaginal area. They barked and barked at her PT guy! She needs to get up, clean herself, and put some clothes on. Margaret’s mom is half of her problem!

  6. I tried to watch this objectively, but I have trouble understanding why Margaret has no problem exposing herself to the camera, much less her mother allowing it. It was nauseating to watch. Where in hell do they find these people? I’d like to hear Dr. Paradise on the subject; the look on his face spoke volumes. Not sorry they aren’t continuing.

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