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Janelle Brown Rushes To Be With Dying Mother

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For much of Season 15 and 16 of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown has been all about her kids. She has rarely taken time to think about herself or her marriage. In fact, she has essentially sacrificed her marriage to Kody to keep her children happy. In the latest episode, she discusses with her sister wife Robyn whether or not plural marriage is even still for her. Additionally, Janelle is faced with some devastating news that rocks her world.

Janelle Brown- Eternal Matriarch

It has been refreshing for viewers to see the matriarchal side of Janelle. At the beginning of the series, she was all about business and being the fellow breadwinner. Meri had a job yet had been let go due to her polygamous lifestyle. Therefore, she was attempting to focus on school. As for Christine, she seemed to delight in being the happy little homemaker. Janelle openly said she liked to be out of the house and enjoyed working, often being up and out before the sun came up.

Credit: Janelle Brown/YouTube
Credit: Janelle Brown/YouTube

When the family relocated to Vegas, Robyn was now a wife and they all had new ventures. Yet, Janelle stayed focused, obtaining her real estate license. However, with each wife having their own home, it started to change the familial dynamic. Viewers started to notice the biggest shift came in Janelle when Maddie welcomed her first child, baby boy Axel. This made Janelle a first-time grandma and suddenly much softer.

Janelle Brown
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By the time the pandemic began in Flagstaff, Janelle was full-on Mama Bear with her remaining three cubs. She was working from home but did not appreciate Kody telling her what to do. He wanted her to “evict” their two sons still staying in the home. Kody believed they were unsafe. Janelle was very clear that her kids came first. She even traveled to North Carolina for her granddaughter’s surgery when Kody was against travel. Then, in December 2020, tragedy struck and Janelle raced out of Flagstaff as fast as she could.

Tragedy Strikes, Janelle Is There

In December of 2020, Janelle Brown received the call no child/adult ever wants. Her mother was passing away. According to an Entertainment Tonight preview of the upcoming SW episode, Janelle’s mom, Sheryl had been battling cancer. She wanted her to come live with her in Flagstaff but eventually, it was just too late. Sheryl was too sick to travel. Janelle soon rushed to Wyoming to be by her mother’s side.

Janelle, Maddie and Mom, Sheryl Mother's Day

Luckily, she got to spend a few hours with her mother before she passed. Kody was the only one of her spouses to attend the funeral. It was too close to the holidays and he just felt it was safer. Sheryl passed on her birthday, which also happens to be Savanah’s birthday. Janelle forever has a little piece of her mother right there with her.

Watch the latest episode of Sister Wives Sunday on TLC.

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