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Christine Brown Showing Off Her ‘Assets’ In Latest Pic

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Sister Wives fans cannot get over how amazing Christine Brown looks since she left her husband Kody. The two officially split at the beginning of November 2021. Since then, the former third wife has been celebrating her newfound freedom in Utah with her much of her kids. Furthermore, she has not been afraid to show a little skin. Now, the mom of six is showing off another asset many did not know she had.

Christine Brown Spices Up Her Life

The one thing about the Brown family women is that they always had to be covered up. When the series first began in 2010, the four wives wore long-sleeved shirts underneath tank tops or T-shirts. This was pretty typical as the only person they needed to be sexy for was their husband. As time went on, the ladies started to dress better and their daughters followed suit. In one episode, a dance was coming up and Kody took exception to how short one of the dresses was.

Kody and Christine Brown via YouTube
Kody and Christine Brown via YouTube

In all fairness, the girls were just trying to have fun and explore being young. Though the clothing stayed somewhat conservative, it definitely improved. The wives also started to heavily experiment with makeup, something fans were quick to notice. Meri and Robyn’s eyebrows have become the fifth wife, so to speak. Eventually, through the pandemic, Janelle and Christine started to challenge Kody and his authority. He wanted everything to be cut and dry but he was really alienating half of his family.

Christine Brown Is Pretty In Pink [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
At the same time, Christine had enough of Flagstaff and expressed her desire to return to Utah. She was refuted so she decided it was time to separate from Kody and buy her own home near her family. Additionally, she started to wear more revealing clothes like tank tops, which she shared on social media. For the 2022 New Year, Christine showed a little leg in a mini skirt and knee-high boots. Now, she has found an asset that was staring at her all along.

Christine- More Than Meets The Eye

While she shook social media with her leggy New Year post, Christine Brown is showing more of her assets. While talking about feeling good on Instagram, she highlighted what an impact mascara had on her. Suddenly she had these amazing eyelashes. Her eyes suddenly popped and her followers could not help but notice how amazing she is continuing to look away from Kody.

Christine Brown Credit: Christine Brown IG

Though she turned off the comments on this post due to it including Plexus promotion, a previous post brought in many positive responses. “The glow up that choosing happy has done for you is amazing,” one follower said. Another added: “Okay but Christine…your glow up since the start of the snow has been AMAZING!!”

What do you think of Christine showcasing her new face and body since leaving Kody? Was it the best thing for her? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.



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  1. Don’t look back Christine, you have made the best decision of your life !
    You deserve way way way better than that conceited ego maniac could EVER offer you !
    You are truly glowing and the bubbly outgoing Christine we once new is back.
    If you look up ‘Opression’ in the dictionary you will find Kody’s name right beside it ! Keep shining , keep smiling hun.

  2. Christine whatever you are doing continue to doing it. You look happy healthy vibrant and just wonderful. You are a great example for your family and other women. Life your best life!

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