‘Yellowstone’s Creator’s Most Critically Acclaimed Movie Is Becoming TV Series

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Yellowstone’s creator’s most critically acclaimed film will soon become a television series for Fox.

Here are all the details.

Yellowstone’s Creator’s Movie Will Become Television Show

Yellowstone’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, will soon see his most critically acclaimed movie turn into a television series. This will air on Fox.

According to Variety, Sheridan’s 2016 movie, Hell Or High Water, is “in the works” at Fox. The 1883 creator had penned the movie. David Mackenzie directed the movie.

The original movie stars Chris Pine and Ben Foster. This dynamic duo has resorted to robbing banks to save their family’s land.

When they are not robbing banks, they are running from Texas Rangers. They are portrayed by Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham.

Hell Or High Water was critically acclaimed and was honored with four Academy Award nominations. They were for best picture, best editing, for Jeff Bridges in the best supporting actor category, and best original screenplay for Sheridan.

Although the new series is based on the Yellowstone creator’s film, the new Fox series will have a twist on the original source.

Yellowstone creator's movie turns into series-
Yellowstone Creator’s movie turns into series-

What Is The Fox Series Twist On The Yellowstone Creator’s Original Film?

Fox is turning the film Hell Or High Water into a series. However, there will be a twist on the Yellowstone creator’s original movie.

The twist is that there will be a “ruthless oil tycoon” who “attempts to plunder a West Texas reaching community.”

In addition, they report that it will be one “zealous Texas Ranger” chasing after the two bank-robbing brothers who are trying to save their family’s land from the oil tycoon.

Who Is In Hell Or High Water Television Series?

Currently, there are no actors attached to the Hell Or High Water TV series on Fox. In addition, the project has “received a script and additional material to series order at the broadcaster.” The episodes will be one hour long, but no information on how many episodes will be in a season.

However, Jessica Mecklenburg (Stranger Things, Dopestick), is the writer and executive producer. In addition, Sidney Kimmel, John Penotti, Charlie Corwin, and Marcy Ross are all executive producers.

Furthermore, Gigi Pritzker, Rachel Shane, Julie Yorn, Carla Hacken, and David Mackenzie will also executive produce.

The original movie was produced by Kimmel, Penotti, Pritzker, Shane, Yorn, and Hacken. In the series, Mackenzie is a producer, but for directed the film.

Yellowstone Creator Interested In ‘Modern American Frontier’

Even before Taylor Sheridan created Yellowstone, he was interested in the issues that modern ranchers deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Back in 2017, Sheridan spoke to Esquire about his fascination with the “modern American frontier.”

What I wanted to do was explore the modern American frontier. I wanted to explore the consequences of the settlement and assimilation of that land 130 years later. How much has really changed? And how much hasn’t? And it’s not unique to America. You can make the same study in South America. You can make the same study in Europe. It was all settled, and it was all taken from someone, or someone was assimilated or pushed out. It happened so recently here that the waters are still muddy.

There is no information on when the new series will premiere on Fox.

Are you excited for the TV version of Hell Or High Water? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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