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‘The Bachelorette’: Joe Coleman Accused Of Sexual Assault

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Joe Coleman was easily a fan-favorite during Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. However, an old college friend has now come forward with some pretty serious allegations against Coleman that would spoil anyone’s perception of him. Here’s everything that’s been revealed so far.

Season 18 Of ‘ The Bachelorette’

Michelle Young appeared on season 18 of The BacheloretteWhen fans of the show met Joe Coleman, they met him as a 28-year-old real estate developer from Minneapolis. As fans got to know him though, they pegged Coleman as a frontrunner on the show. Both he and Michelle played basketball in college and they seemingly had a lot in common.

Joe Coleman

Credit: YouTube/Bachelor Nation

Of course, during the season, there was plenty of drama. Eventually, Michelle revealed that she’d sent Joe a direct message “back in the day.” Joe apparently ghosted her on social media. So, when she first saw him on the show, she was surprised. She didn’t think he had any interest in her at all. They hashed that out on the show though.

Joe explained to Michelle why he didn’t respond to her. She took his word for it and he remained on the show. He went on to make it to the final three that season. Now, following his departure from the show last fall, Coleman is in the spotlight for a whole new reason.

The Allegations Against Joe Coleman

An anonymous poster on Reddit has started making sexual assault allegations against Coleman. According to the post, she attended the University of Minnesota with Coleman between 2012 and 2013. She went on to talk about how she attended basketball parties where Coleman was often in attendance. “We all had a crush on Joe. But really quickly it became obvious that he was not a safe guy to be around,” she stated in the post. Girls who hung out with basketball players warned her and the other girls to not go off alone with Joe.

Joe Coleman

Credit: YouTube/Bachelor Nation

While nothing happened to the poster personally, she knew more than one girl who claimed to have been assaulted by Joe. At one of the parties she attended, a fellow student came out of a back room and looked upset. She said Joe had sexually assaulted her. Another girl was trying to comfort her, sharing that Joe had done the same to her.

Seeing his face on the latest season of The Bachelorette made the poster feel sick. When the announcement that he would just the cast was made, she reached out to mutual contacts of hers and Michelle’s. She wanted to be sure Michelle knew the type of person he was, but it isn’t certain whether the word got to her or not. People have also tried reaching out to reporters and taking things a step further. So far, nothing has happened. Media outlets have reached out to Joe Coleman, but he has not responded to the allegations.

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