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Woman Speculates ‘Bachelor’ Producers Shunned Her For Body Type

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Caroline Cronin was scouted out as a possible contestant for The Bachelor. She said they found her on Instagram and reached out. Caroline was excited at the possibility and agreed to an interview via Zoom. She wasn’t cast for the show. In fact, Caroline thinks producers ghosted her because of her body type. Keep reading to find out more.

New TikTok shares why one woman believes Bachelor producers shunned her

A new TikTok about The Bachelor casting crew is getting thousands of views. The New York Post shared all the details about Caroline Cronin’s TikTok.  Caroline’s video has nearly 268,000 views since being posted. She noted more than once that she just wants to get married, which was her caption for the viral video.

Caroline began the video by saying, “When you get a DM from Bachelor casting producers but you’re a size 6-8.” She said producers reached out to her via Instagram last year. She continued on saying she was excited that things like this never happen to her.

The Bachelor/YouTube
The Bachelor/YouTube

Caroline continued on saying, “[Producers] have done a really great job (or however you feel about it) with diversifying the cast of contestants that they bring on every year. But they never really diversify the body type of the people that are on the show.” She continued, “I am a size 6 to an 8 depending on the brand. So based off of being scouted off Instagram, I thought that this wasn’t going to be a big deal.”

She then noted that she doesn’t lie on Instagram or use filters or apps to make herself look better. So, Bachelor producers arranged to have a Zoom call with Caroline.

During the interview, they asked her questions and she went into depth about her dating history. Towards the end of the conversation, they asked her to stand up and step back from the computer. The guy was obviously looking at her body according to Caroline. After they saw her they said they would get back to her.

Caroline Cronin via Instagram
Caroline Cronin via Instagram

Producers ghosted her

They never did. She said, “They ghosted me just like all the other men in my life. I’m honestly fine with it. It’s not something I expected to have happen to me.” Caroline continued, “I’m not heartbroken about it but I’m kind of disappointed about it.”

Caroline noted that she has an average body but definitely not a size 0, 2 or 4. She hopes that people will speak up so producers will have a larger variety of body images on reality television.

She went on to say that perhaps the relationships would last longer if they focused more on aspirations, mental compatibility and values. Caroline said, “The fact that a curvier contestant is very rare to see . . . speaks volumes.”

She ended her video noting that she does want to get married and she has a really cool personality.

Lots of comments

There were a lot of comments on her video. One actually said she was on Season 6 of The Bachelor and she was a size 6 at that time. Other viewers said they don’t think being a 6-8 is why they ghosted her. Another added perhaps it’s because she has red hair.

Nobody will probably ever know why producers chose to not contact her after that Zoom call. What do you think?



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